Let God Take Care of the World


My dad sends links like my grandma used to send newspaper clippings. Today he sent me a link to a short article and interview with Brian Doerksen. He is asked why he isn’t well known when he has been involved with over 25 worship albums, and his answer is: ‘When I first felt called to do this more than 20 years ago, I wanted to perform music on big stages. But God quickly called me to be all about worship, which is really, “Notice God, don’t notice me.” ‘ While I love his attitude, he rips a little on well-known worship leaders. The reality is, we, as a culture, can only “know” so many people, and we get saturated. Plus, he’s in Canada! (j/k) I just hope he isn’t assuming those who are well known are less spiritual just because they are well known. Being well known isn’t a sin. Godly people can be well known, and they aren’t less godly just because lots of people appreciate them or their ministry. What matters is the heart either way. I am very thankful for Jeremy Riddle, Jeramy Camp, Lincoln Brewster, Mercy Me, and even the Newsboys, and I worship deeply through their music. Where their “heart is” is between them and God, but I thank God for them, and I am glad they are well known, or I might have missed out on many of my favorite worship songs!

My favorite quote in the article is: “I hear people say, ‘My goal is to write a song that the whole world will sing.’ I look at them sideways and ask, ‘Why don’t you try and write a song you want to sing in your prayers to God? Or a song that your local church wants to sing, where you’re serving, where you’re known and loved?’ Let God worry about the rest of the world.

I wholeheartedly agree with that! So I went to iTunes and ordered his latest CD and am enjoying it very much. ($5 less on iTunes than where he links) This is my attempt to help him get a little more well known! (I somehow think he’ll handle the fame generated by my blog ok)

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