Towering Speed Stacks!

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about a giant stack of Speed Stacks falling down, but sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring the greatest joy.


Had some employee kids hangin’ out in the office today. (No, I don’t employ children, I mean children of an employee!) The Kidology Headquarters is filled with a LOT of toys and props, but playing with Speed Stacks is often the favorite pass time of kids doomed to hang out while mom works. Their favorite thing is building giant towers to… uh, knock over, and build again.


But this time I got into it when they couldn’t reach the top of their tower, and I couldn’t stand to have seven extra cups unused, so I made a single tower and placed it on top.


Here are the proud architects of this Tower of Stacks. Unfortunately, for the cups, they didn’t get to stay stacked for long, as you’ll see in this video:


Luckily for me, clean up time is just as fun!

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  1. Karl tube, I love it.

    Shhh, this is again the undercover internet one.

    Wait, someone is coming, gotta go.

  2. Wow, what beautiful, precious little girls! Wow, they are just so sweet and wonderful… their mom did a great job raising them to be such lovely young ladies! She must be so proud!!


  3. Those girls need to learn to be more considerate and not knock stuff down :)

  4. Cutre Video. That looks like fun. I might just have to stop by with the kids and build us one of those. I like how they knocked it over with their heads.

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