I’m out driving and am so excited… It is snowing on December 1st!
How beautiful is that? I hope it never stops.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

iKarl Bastian
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UPDATE: OK, you wanted a picture – I can’t blog a picture from my iPhone remotely. (wish I could, if anyone knows how to do that with WordPress, let me know. I used to be able to do it on Blogger, one of the only cool features on Blogger)

Anyway – it was just light snow when I posted this, and coming home was too dark, but I did snag this picture of the back of my car when I arrived (after seeing the comments):


This is the sticker everyone at my church has on their car. (by the way, I never noticed the small print on it until today when the image was full screen in iPhoto – click to see why I said “uh oh” when I read the fine print!)

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  1. Sure, I think you are dreaming of a white Christmas. No pictures? hum… Dare I say, it was raining in Los Angeles yesterday, partly cloudy, windy and sunny today. Barney

  2. It was cold here today, but now snow! I agree with Barney at least give us some pictures!!!

  3. OK, snow picture added. sorta. :)

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