Why Your Kid NEEDS a Comic Book Bible!

As a Children’s Pastor, I am often asked what Bible parents should get to their children, and often they looked surprised when I answer, “a comic book Bible.”

Yes, kids need a REAL Bible, where they can look up Scripture and read the Word of God, but don’t under-estimate the power and educational value of a comic book Bible.

I know personally the VALUE of a comic book Bible. My parents got me The Picture Bible back when I was 9 years old. I still have it. It has packing tape holding it together, and you’ll notice they had my name engraved on the cover:

This is the original Picture Bible published by David C. Cook back in 1978:

1978! One year after Star Wars exploded on the American scene, the Picture Bible became my favorite book. I read it over and over. When the pastor started preaching, I tried to find the passage in my Bible, or at least the closest story to wherever he was in the Bible.

My comic book Bible brought the stories of the Bible to life and helped me visualize them. Here is just one example of the great story of Elijah calling down fire from heaven!



The paper was the same type as the comics I loved. (Yes, I still have my Star Wars, Indiana Jones and other super hero comics too!) But there is another value to a comic Bible beyond just being appealing to children. Yes, it encourages kids to read through the Bible. Yes, it helps them see how amazing God truly is. Yes, they will pick this Bible up to read on their own; something they likely won’t do as often with a normal Bible.

But there is another value that I did not realize until I got to Bible college. (MBI) As a freshman in Bible college, I took an entrance test on basic Bible knowledge and to my surprise, I aced it. It was a test that included important Bible names, Bible relationships, the order of events, and what happened in the Old or New Testament, among many other questions.

My professor called me in and informed me of my score and asked me what my secret was. I told him, “I think it was my comic book Bible!” I had read it so many times, that I know the STORY of the Bible, and the order of the stories.

So often growing up in church, the preacher and even curriculum jump all over the place. There are judges, and kings, and prophets and stories that are told in all different orders, and while much is learned, it can be hard to understand the overall STORY of the Bible. Even if you read through the Bible in order, it takes a year or more to do so.

Kids who read a comic book Bible will have a greater understanding of God’s Story than even adults who have read through the Bible. It’s that powerful!

And I’m excited that David C. Cook has since updated The Picture Bible with an ALL NEW Comic Book Bible called the ACTION BIBLE!

The ACTION BIBLE is the new comic book Bible that is completely redrawn and done by a Marvel comic artist.

And for those who also want to get a regular Bible, they have the ACTION BIBLE Study Bible, which is a complete Bible, with study notes for kids, but uses illustrations from the Action Bible and some short excerpts from the Action Bible.

So ideally, parents can get their kids both Bibles and make sure their are fully equipped to read, learn and love God’s Word.

Here is a sample of the sample story shown above from The Picture Bible, as it looks in the Action Bible:

For the kids at my church, and kids everywhere, I hope their parents will get them an Action Bible.

WHERE TO BUY: (Only because I know I’ll be asked)

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored blog post – I wrote this completely on my own without the knowledge of David C. Cook or their request and without any compensation. I just came across my old Picture Bible on my shelf and decided to write about it. But if Cook wants to donate, Kidology will happily accept. LOL :)

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