Luke Loves Christmas!

I either get teased for blogging too much about Luke, or bugged for not blogging pictures of him enough… so by popular demand, here are some pictures of Luke who is LOVIN’ the Christmas season!


Setting up the Christmas Tree was a blast! He must have walked around it over a hundred times while dad was doing all the lights and ornaments!


But then the train was the best part, it goes around and around and around. The best part is it is “voice activated” – I say “GO TRAIN GO” and it goes, and “STOP TRAIN STOP” and it magically stops! And now Luke can say “Go” and “Stop” to control the train too. (and no, I’m not giving away my secret to how it is voice controlled!)


Next, Luke discovered that there are presents under the tree, and he brought this one to me to open! He is doing pretty good waiting, though I did see him ripping a corner of one of Mom’s presents!


Luke has also discovered CHRISTMAS COOKIES! Yum! Yum!


He also enjoyed his evening out with Dad (giving Mom a Lukeless evening) where he discovered how yummy a Wendy’s Frosty is!


He has also discovered that he has to wear a LOT more clothes this time of year…


But it’s worth it if he gets to go play outside with Daddy!


One time they went to the mall where Dad let him run around a little since he is so good at obeying whenever his Daddy says to come back. (as seen in this video!)


But Luke’s very favorite thing is just being on Daddy’s shoulders dancing to his favorite Christmas album, Alvin and the Chipmonks Christmas Album!


Christmas is so full of so many wonderful things for the hands, eyes and ears… that I feel January will be soooo boring by comparison!

Nothing brings back the Wonder of Christmas like a young child…. Luke makes our Christmas so cheerful and fun. I want every day this month to be slow and full so I can soak in his enjoyment along the way.

I hope you are having a very merry Christmas season too! 

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  1. Yay, am so glad you blogged. Am missin’ my little boy so it was fun to see videos of him while I’m away, plus the cute pictures. I just love the one of my two guys eatin’ Christmas cookies…that’s why moms bake cookies!!! Love and miss you both! Sara

  2. A fake Christmas tree? Gasp! Can’t beat a real Christmas tree: cutting it down, the smell… fake trees make me sad.

  3. real trees make me weeze and sneaze! sticky… smelly… messy…

    it a pagan fertility god anyway… might as well be fake! ;)

  4. Fake trees are the best! My kids are allergic too…totally ruins the holiday when they’re all snotty during Christmas

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