In Case of Fire…

My sister posted this to my Facebook Wall. For some odd reason, it made her think of me…

My reply was:

No way! You’ve got to tweet it, post twitpic images, update your Facebook status, check into Four Square friends to see if any of your friends are in the building too, post a video of the fire to YouTube and do a blog post discussing your thoughts on the cause of the fire and the general lack of safety in the building, and THEN exit!

But it did make me laugh, (and think). Truth me told, I might try to pull off a tweet on my way out of the building. (If I could do so safely, of course! And if I could do so without endangering anyone else, of course!)

But do we tweet and facebook too much? Certainly! I sometimes wonder if when Jesus returns, Christians will miss it because they will all be looking down at their cell phones Tweeting:

Jesus is here! #secondcoming Betcha wish you’d accepted Him? #heaven #hell #salvation #toolate #John316

Jesus will be yelling, “Hey! Look up! I’m here, time to put the cell phones down!”

Ten bucks, there is no Internet or cell coverage in heaven. We’ll have to just walk around actually talk to each other.

What a concept.

#bereal #communicate

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