Help My Blog Win!

O.K. – I usually stay quiet on these things – but since my good buddy Greg Baird isn’t being humble and quietly standing by and watching to see who wins, but using Twitter to drum up votes, and I’m in the same line-up as him – and he’s beating me – (and beat me in my last Karl vs. Greg contest) I figure – this year I’ll go for it and try to at least beat Greg!

What am I talking about? Well, my good buddy Tony Kummer over at does a Kidmin Blog March Madness each year to see who will be voted the BEST Kidmin Blog. While everyone hits the Blog and Twitterverse with “vote for me’s” – I’ve usually chosen to stay quiet and just watch and see who wins, (Hey, I’m human – I hope to win!) but I’ve chosen not to try and influence votes or buy votes swing it in any way. Guess I wanted it to be a PURE contest – and, I’m up against friends and GOOD blogs! So I just preferred to wait it out and see who wins. AND I think it’s wrong to vote for yourself anyway, out of principle!

So I’m voting for Greg just to show what a man and sportsman I am – BUT I’m asking YOU to vote for ME ME ME!

SO head over to the BLOG MARCH MADNESS and VOTE for!

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  1. Karl’s got my vote! Anyone who can spend days putting together lego Star Wars replicas deserves this more than most!

    Oh, and while you’re there, go ahead and vote for Dad in the Middle (3rd Seed in the East) and Kidmin1124 (7th Seed in the West).

    This plug brought to you by the Shameless Self Promotion Tour 2011 (Self Promotion Remixed and Better than Ever! :))

  2. Karl, I had fun this year being in the same bracket as you. I set up campaign headquarters in my house today and decided to give it all I could!! :)

    Love what you do. Absolutely love your resources and what you’re doing for the kingdom. When it comes to that there is no competition–you rock!!


  3. Justyn, Thanks for the nice note. It was a fun upset! Looking forward to watching the Final Four and you’ve got MY vote!

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