Another Day at the Zoo

The annual pass to Brookfield Zoo has turned out to be a good investment. Free parking. Free admission. Free soda. (good on the wallet, not so much on the waist!) Free shuttle ride. Free shows. Too bad it takes about $20 in gasoline for us to get there and back!

Of course, we saw all kinds of animals! (Took the ones above from the tram!) I enjoy taking pictures of the animals – I do not enjoy smelling them!

However, it is not the animals that Luke enjoys the most. Oh, sure, he likes them. He’ll look at them when we point, and can even identify several by name. But there are other “creatures” on display at the Zoo that he will run to! And he’ll spend more time with each of these “animals” studying them, than he will on anything with fur or wings or hooves. Yup, you guessed it, the Cars on display from various dealerships.

Oh, yes. The cars. When we said we are going to the Zoo today, Luke’s answer is, “See Cars?” But our favorite thing about the Zoo is not the animals or the cars… it is being in a safe place where Luke can run around and enjoy a rare form of freedom to lead us around for a change, and for me, it is a wonderful opportunity for my hobby – “Luke Photo Journalism.” Here are some of my favorites from today. (Thanks for indulging me!)

Luke enjoying the playground. It’s a tunnel!

Luke behind bars… “I’m innocent!”

Luke, the fashion model.

Luke, the old fashioned greeting card.

Eager to get on the carousel.

Around and around with Dad.

Proof that I take pictures of my wife too!

It was a great day hanging out with the family. One of my good friends, Alan Root, said recently at Kid U, “Every day God gives us a gift – he gives us today. That is why it is called the Present.” It was a good reminder to live in the moment and enjoy TODAY. As Jesus said, “Tomorrow will take care of itself.”

Today was a present.

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  1. Your family is very cute!

  2. And a beautiful wife she is. Keep taking those photos of both your favorite subjects! Luke looks just like the two of you! ;) (yes, I know)

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