A Bed in Need is a Bed Indeed


When you lie down you will not be afraid; when you lie down your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24

I stopped in my tracks when walked past this booth and saw the sad looking bed. (great booth technique btw) Learned it was an orphans bed from a far away land where a comfortable bed isn’t assumed for children.


Sweet Sleep hosts mission trips where volunteers remove old, ugly, unclean bed from orphanages and build new ones, even purchases the materials there to help the local economy. Often the orphans help. Then a local church continues the ministry to the children after Sweet Sleep’s role is completed.


If you are looking for a special missions project for children, perhaps for VBS, give Sweet Sleep a closer look at: www.sweetsleep.org

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  1. Karl, what a fantastic idea for a missions project during VBS! I think that our kids could get really excited to make a difference in this way. I’m sure that none of us would look at our comfy beds quite the same way again. Thank you so much for featuring Sweet Sleep!

  2. Wow. This stopped me in my tracks on the web. I can only imagine visiting the booth and seeing it! Very effective. And heart touching. I definitely will check out their website. Thanks for sharing!

  3. A gripper for sure! This stop any CM with imagination. Good visuals say it all, must be effective for getting their message out. Impressive report. Thanks Karl, for covering all this for those back home. BK

  4. CM’s are suckers for sob stories. I’m saying this in a good way. But though this is a real need, is it not more efficient to support local people who can accomplish this work of helping orphans rather than sending volunteers on a costly overseas missions trip. I’m just saying.

    I will admit that God is not always efficient in his approach.

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