Bible Story Murals!


Mention CPC SPECIAL and save 10% for 30 days after conference!


Even though you couldn’t be here, Doug is extended the conference price to you!


Whether you need HUGE entire wall murals or simple smaller posters to brighten your children’s rooms, Bible Story Murals has a wide variety of biblically based murals you can choose from.


For more info call 800-925-3084 or go to:

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  1. Beautiful artwork. Thanks for the connection!

  2. Not seen this resource before, one of my students might benefit from this, I will recommend it and see if they can make a connection to improve their Children’s Church with limited space. BK

  3. We do need murals for our preschool area. So it’s gonna be a tough call on how to spend budget to make facilities better—do we go for murals or go for Easy Risers? Hey, Karl, how come there’s no report on Easy Risers?

  4. Do you murals on the parting of the Sea after leaving Egypt?

  5. I only blogged about the company, follow the link in the post and contact them directly for product information. :)

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