Be The First to Get DiscipleTown!

By pre-ordering the very first DiscipleTown unit, How To Worship, you can be the very first to get this BRAND NEW children’s church curriculum from the creator of and DiscipleLand Bible Curriculum as soon as the final touches are ready… and its close!

This completely downloadable curriculum includes beautiful PowerPoint presentations, video object lessons, puppet scripts, dramas, games, and more all build upon a solidly biblical theme that is focused on teaching kids skills they need to build as Disciples of Jesus.

In addition to the all the incredible ideas provided for the classroom, DiscipleTown equips you for partnering with parents as well. Each week you are provided with an e-mail you can copy and paste to e-mail parents with what their children learned, questions they can ask their kids to get them talking, and a glimpse into what is coming next week. We’ve also introduced a creative tool that will help make it easy for families to gather just three times a week after meals talk about about what you are learning in children’s church in a fun and meaningful way.

ORDER TODAY for only $39.95 and the moment it is ready, you will get an e-mail with your download links. The target date is Aug. 12th, and it is guaranteed by Aug. 17th.

Once it is ready, the price will be $44.95, don’t miss this introductory rate!

Hey! The first person to order, I will announce on my blog, and they will get to see it first, as in RIGHT AWAY in draft PDF form, before it is even finalized… while it still has a few blank boxes on it to fill in with final graphics… oooo… couldn’t say that over on the “big” site! But I can say it here on my blog! ;o)

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  1. Karl,
    I thought you’d enjoy the video that we made for the skit in the third week of the curriculum. Here it is.

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