Speak! Your Audience Listens!

From my article in CM Pro in February 2010: (the article, scratch that, the entire ISSUE is FREE for downloading below!)

There is an old saying that says, if you want to get a message across to a large group of people you must say it “seven times in seven ways.” When it comes to church ministry, there is no doubt this is a great principle to take into every planning meeting for any program or event. The chances are you know them all and have used them all. As you should, and should continue!

Rather, my aim is to change your thinking from “how can I better get information out” to “why aren’t they listening?” I bet those you are trying to reach have no problem knowing when their sports teams are playing and on what television channel, or where they need to drop off their kids for all their various non-church activities and at what time and at what theater the latest blockbuster movie will be playing. (Is the hair on the back of your neck rising?) Before you wring your hands and start complaining about how the church is such a low priority in the lives of Christians today, a more positive approach is to ask some honest questions of ourselves as leaders and proactively and creatively begin to think about how we can better attract people to what God has called us to do in His House. I contend that if what we are doing at church is truly valuable and important – people will look for the communication! Your job isn’t just to get the information out – it is to raise the bar and make church activities something they won’t want to miss out on!

But let’s take a step back, and look at some of the communication problems that plague the church. Perhaps our people are as frustrated with us, as we are with them! A proactive leader takes a look at him or herself instead of just blaming his audience. Some of these may be tough questions – but if you are willing to make an honest assessment and then make some changes as a result, you will see a marked improvement in the response to your communication efforts!

Are you a leader in children’s ministry? Do you subscribe to Children’s Ministry Professional Edition? If not, you are truly missing out!

But here is the GOOD NEWS! As a regular contributor to CM Pro, I get a print and electronic version and the good folks at Group have given me permission to give away or post copies at my discretion, and I am “discresing” to give you a FREE copy of the February 2010 issue on the condition that you read my article titled, “Speak! Your Audience Listens!” on communicating when no one is listening!

It is the 3rd in my 10 part series on Proactive Leadership that began with my November 2009 article.

DOWNLOAD HERE: CMPro-feb2010-KarlBastian-speak.pdf (754kb)

I love this publication so much, I asked Group for a discount for our members and they responded!


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