Hiking the Devil’s Backbone

What are a bunch of Christian’s doing hangin’ around the Devil’s backbone? As I mentioned awhile ago, I have started a guys hiking group here in Colorado, and a few weeks ago, we finally enjoyed our first hike. We explored the Devil’s Backbone up in Loveland, Colorado. Here are some pictures from the day.

(As always, you can click on any picture for a larger view)

Here I am at the entrance, it was a beautiful day!

Here is the Fellowship of the King on one of our stops!

The guys got along pretty well for the most part. (note the sign!)

“Devil’s Backbone” is the name of the rock formation that sticks up and runs through the center of this open space.

At one point, I climbed to the top and got a picture of my shadow…

And a picture through one of the holes in the formation. Cool, huh?

We hiked for about seven hours and nearly nine miles, but it was worth it.

At times the lighting was spectacular, even as clouds began to roll in…

I especially love when there are shadows of clouds on the hills…

Some lonely trees on a distant hill were neat to photograph as well…

We spent some time walking together and sharing what was going on in our lives and ministries, but we also split up and just spent some time alone with God enjoying the scenery and the solitude that an quiet open place like this provides away from people and phones and interruptions…

Sometimes taking the “road less traveled” is exactly the road you need to travel. I know that this day away came right in the midst of a bunch of impending deadlines for me. I actually didn’t “have the time” to take the this day away. But then, when do I truly ever have time to take a day away? Never.

That’s one of the lessons I’ve learned in life, the hard way, that it is precisely when you don’t think you have time to get away, that you need to get away. And you know what? All that stuff that you think can’t wait… it can. There are few things in life that can’t wait a day. In fact, everything can wait a day.

I’ve got a list now of about a dozen guys in the Denver area who are on my invite list for this “Fellowship of the King.” I know only a hand full will be able to make each hike, but that’s O.K. But I’m going to keep inviting them. Each time I can schedule a hike, those who can make it, will be my band of brothers who will join me as we hike and journey together and hang out with God and His amazing creation. I’m already excited about the next amazing hike!

If you aren’t in Colorado, let me encourage you to start something for ministry folks near you! It doesn’t have to be hiking. What refreshes you? But don’t make it “ministry.” And I’m not talking about starting a “ministry network.” I’m talking about getting away from work and talking about work, to just be with God and talk about life and family and what God’s doing in your heart and what on your mind.

That kind of thinking and reflecting just doesn’t happen in your office. You need to get away. You need to get where you can hear God and feel His presence. Where is that for you?

Find it! And go there regularly. God puts places to find Himself everywhere, if you look for them, they can be found, you just have to be looking.

Man, I wish I lived up in one of those homes on top of those cliffs! Those folks have got a view!

And if you are a guy and want to really get away, consider joining me on Yosemite Summit this may – it is the most spectacular place on the earth where God showed off His creative talents and where you will be awe struck at the things He made!

One of the guys e-mailed me this and said he thought perhaps he found the real “devil’s backbone!”

If you are a male ministry leader in Colorado and would like to know when the next Fellowship hike is, be sure to contact me and let me know so I can add you to the invite list!

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  1. Great photos, Karl. Wish I could have joined you and the other guys. Look forward to the next opportunity.


  2. Enjoyed the hike, even if i did have to take the “difficult” route after you promised me it wasn’t bad. :P

  3. Oh, it wasn’t bad at all. Just be glad we didn’t go repeling like I had planned!

  4. I think it was an evil plot, shades of Gollum seeking to overthrow Frodo…

  5. Nice pics…..hhhmmm some of those look like mine LOL…..This was a good hike. The weather was perfect even tho we had to try to out run a fast approaching cold front with wind and rain. I enjoyed meeting Jack and Glen. Hey Glen, the next time Karl says its an easy trail, try to remember what “easy” means to him. E-elevated, A-and, S-strenuous, Y-yosemite….lol. Good job on the black diamond. And Jack, i hope you made it back in time to pick up your boys. Hope to see you guys again. Karl, thanks for the invite. Cant wait til next one.

  6. Yup, some of the pics are from the you, and I had fun cropping and playing with lighting/coloring too since it was a rather drab day. Like your acronym for E.A.S.Y., gonna use that again!

  7. Hey there Greg! It was great to meet you too.

  8. We need to do somthing here in Canada like that. I love the outdoors. God Bless

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