A New Awana Sparky App!

As I recently blogged, I’m a huge Awana supporter and grateful for its impact in my life personally as a child and in the ministries I have led.

Of course, like Awana, I’m a huge fan of reaching boys and girls for Jesus.

I’m also a huge fan of my iPad and my iPhone.

So, how excited could I BE when Awana started making Apps for the iPhone and iPad. (and, that other mobile OS too, what it’s called, Robot? AI? Droid?)

First, they had the 100% Free Gospel App, which was fitting, since the Gospel is free, after all. And it adapts for the age of the person you are sharing the Gospel with.

It works for adults, teen or children and has an iPhone and iPad version. Every Christian should have this on their device so they are “Always prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks… the reason for the hope that you have.” (I Peter 3:15)

But now, Awana has released a BRAND NEW app called the Sparky App – and if you listen to my latest Kidmin Talk Webcast, you can even WIN A FREE download!

The Sparky App is a very cute storybook app that young children will adore.

As you open it, you can choose between English and Spanish, and whether you want to read it or have the story read to you.

You follow a fun story about Sparky and learn an important lesson he learns that children can learn as well about Thankfulness.

It is colorful and delightful and kids will enjoy the sounds and interactivity of this high tech story-telling method.

For a limited time, it is only $ .99 so drop by the App Store for your device and pick up the Sparky App, whether you have an Awana Club or not.

If you are interested in learning more about Awana Clubs, and how they are help your church reach more kids for Christ, go here:

As I often say, “There is not only no more effective outreach tool for children’s ministry – but for the entire church, than having an Awana Club in your church.”

Pastor Karl Bastian, the Kidologist
Founder of Kidology.org

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