The Bastian Year In Review 2011

Instead of a Christmas Letter this year (December was just to crazy this year!) I opted for a more electronically savvy method, and created a video to reflect on 2011. Besides, it was too hard to choose which pictures to put into a letter – we started one, and which pictures to choose, was so hard!

This year included a trip to California to see my childhood best friend, Andy, get married, (and a trip to DisneyLand while there) and another trip back later in the year to perform my first wedding for his little sister, Lindsay!

We enjoyed many visits from friends coming to enjoy Colorado and stay with us (when are YOU coming?) and enjoying this beautiful state ourselves as we still discover its vast beauty!

Luke turned 5, and wanted a “real Jeep” for his birthday, so I rented a Jeep for the day! I started “Dad School” a mini-home school to focus on the areas he needed help, and also “Family Pit Stops,” our evening family devotional times as he got old enough for intentional spiritual input from Dad.

Sara is a table leader for MOPS at our church and I continue to write a children’s church curriculum called DiscipleTown in addition to leading Kidology. I wrap up a two year column in Children’s Ministry Magazine after being named one of the Top 20 Leaders in the past 20 years, which was a pretty big surprise and honor. We added three new employees this year, with new VP of Operations starting January 1st, so we are pretty excited about what God has in store for our little ministry.

In addition to my fourth Yosemite Summit, I also got to take Luke and Sara this year – and seeing Luke discover my favorite place on earth, and show him all my “secret places” the tourists walk right past was a real treat, and watching him find his own, “secret places” that he wants to come back to someday. And extra bonus, after speaking at two camps this year, was being invited back to one on short notice (a previously scheduled speaker got called to heaven on short notice) I took my dad with me and we added on a trip to Yosemite, just as father and son – yet another highlight of the year for me personally.

So 2011 was a busy year, but a good year. In 2012, I hope to find a slower pace and perhaps some more margin, but am still eagerly excited to see what God has in store for my family.

Thank you to everyone who calls us family, friends, and who supports us in prayer. If you are not a part of my personal prayer support e-mail list, it’s called the Kidology Champion Prayer Supports List, and you can subscribe here. Just update your Kidology Newsletters to include that list.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and we wish you a Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Karl, for Sara and Luke too!

Enjoy our “Year in Review” Video:

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  1. Karl my friend, this was by far my favorite post of yours! I would much rather get this in my RSS feed than a paper letter in the mail, thanks for taking the time to put this together and sharing with us.

    I am amazed at how much time you still invest with your family and all the while spending all the time you do with all of the projects you get yourself into as well. You have to be a time guru my friend.

    Happy New Year to you and your family. The McKeever family truly loves you and your family.

  2. Not a time guru at all… my secret is simply walking away from work to spend time with my family. A secret learned late… but learned nevertheless. Work will always be there, family won’t be.

    I developed a new slogan for myself, you don’t make time for family – family IS your life. You make time for work.

    (Search my blog for ‘no more making time for family’ I’ve blogged about it a few times.)

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