Kidology Coaching Better Than School

Perhaps you have considered Kidology Coaching. Perhaps it has never crossed your mind. Either way, I think the letter below from one of our recent graduates will best describe the dramatic difference coaching can make in your ministry. I know there are many children’s ministry leaders out there who will relate to Jennifer’s story, shared here, with her permission.

See if you don’t see yourself in the note below. Then consider what coaching might just do for your ministry. There is honestly no other kidmin coaching program available that provides the experience and results that Kidology Coaching does.


After just completing Kidology Coaching Program, I want to thank you for all that this program has offered to the growth of my ministry and myself.  When I started this coaching program in November of 2011, I was very intimidated by other “Giants” in Children’s Ministry around me.  Children’s Ministry seemed very unfocused because I was bouncing all over the place putting out little fires of things that needed to be done (just not by me).

When I began in Children’s Ministry I was very overwhelmed. I did not go to Bible School or Seminary, and my only experience working with children was working in Day-Care Centers. I began reading everything I could in books, on Facebook, blogs and Twitter. I wanted to implement everything that all the amazing people in Kidmin were doing. When starting at Antioch I was a volunteer, helping in the office. After volunteering for a year, I was hired to help in the office, while I was volunteering in Children’s Church. We had an average of 30 kids then. Next, I was hired part time to just work with the Children’s Church and not help in the office.

I found a lot of help on One day, I noticed a Black Friday Special for the Kidology Coaching Program. I changed my membership to Premium and jumped in—not really knowing much about it. This just had to be help for me, I thought. Coaching started out a very slow process for me, until Coach Barney had a conversation with my Pastor. From that conversation, we determined that working on a job description with measurable goals would help my focus. We spent many months refining this job description in addition to the Coaching Notebook. Working together on my focus changed our relationship—we became a team, taking my ministry to another level.

We began to notice some programming that needed changing. We created a Connect-Time Program, a short 30 minutes between Small Group Time and Children’s Church. With more children coming to Children’s Church, we worked on recruiting, training and dividing into two Children’s Church Programs, an older and younger group. Now I was overseeing three programs and my job description changed accordingly. Personal Coaching was helping me to develop ministry based on my skills and the requirement of my church setting. I was not copying the “big boys.”

Most of my ministry was confined to the church basement, which really needed to be upgraded. So we worked on a renovation plan with the $10 investment project. I successfully, raised over $2000 with a church-wide yard sale. With these funds and a lot of volunteer labor, we renovated one room at a time, which included: Nursery, Tot Room, Kidjam Room, Club 345 Room, downstairs Entry Way, Hallways, Check-in Area, the Prop Room and the Pre-K Bathroom. Most of this was finished this year. Our Children’s Ministry has blossomed and grown over the last 3 years.

At the time of my Graduation, we arranged to have Coach Barney come to Clinton, TN to present my Graduation Certificate in front of the whole congregation. Wow, this was wonderful for my ministry. Now the whole church knows about my Kidology Coaching experience. Further, we met with my Pastor Marty. He began connecting the dots—everything that was happening in my ministry had something to do with Coaching. He promptly approved of my being in the Graduate Program in February and he approved my going to the Coaching Summit next year.

One of my goals was to Triple My Attendance with 100 kids downstairs. I began tracking my attendance numbers. It was a happy day when we reached 98, but last Sunday we celebrated again, when 101 children showed up. Even my Pastor is crediting the consistency of the children’s ministry as contributing to our overall church growth. Kidology Coaching is working for me. Even my husband said, “Kidology Coaching is better than going to school, because you get personalized attention.”

I want to thank you so much for your vision of Kidology and Kidology Coaching. It has accelerated my growth, which has equipped and encouraged me. It has been special to have a weekly mentor/coach speaking into my life and ministry.  I am today more focused, more confident and a better leader because of coaching.  I aspire to be full-time   Children’s Pastor some day.  I look forward to the Graduate Program and meeting you at the Coaching Summit. 

Jennifer Bunker
Children’s Director
Antioch Baptist Church, Clinton, TN

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  1. This coaching program is well worth it. I consistently use the things that I learned through it. It also helped me to sharpen my focus and determine purpose. As a result I know now host my own blog,

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