Kidology Coaching is a Life Preserver

It is always encouraging to hear how Kidology Coaching changes lives as well as ministries. If you have ever considered getting a personal coach, read this letter from our most recent graduate, and pray about growing with one of our coaches. We have just added a woman to our coaching team, so for ladies who have been waiting for that, now is your chance!

coachinglogo13Dear Karl,

Upon graduating from the Kidology Coaching Program, I want let you know that the Kidology Coaching Program has been a “life-saver” for me! Literally! The work that you and the coaches have put into the curriculum, the training you’ve had and all the components of this coaching program is exemplary. I want to tell you how this program has changed my life in hopes that someone else could relate and become a part of the program at a just the right time in their life.

When I signed up for the coaching program I was at a “low” in my ministry. I had gone through the “honeymoon” stage of my ministry (where everyone was thrilled to have me there and helped me along with everything, because I was new and naïve) and was facing some big obstacles—not as much in my ministry circumstances, as inside myself. I had seriously contemplated quitting this job and going back to public education.

I’m thanking God that He brought into my life a certain email from you: the Kidology newsletter that included the Black Friday ad. This spoke to me and I knew I had to look into it. I decided to take a leap and let someone in, someone who I hoped could help me sort through these thoughts and responsibilities. I saw the video of you and Barney on the site and that sealed the deal for me. I am one who needs to have a “sneak peek” into the program, before I will commit to it. I felt like you gave just enough of an overview to let me feel comfortable taking the next step.

I give God the credit, the praise, the glory for reaching down and seeing His servant struggling, just giving her a life preserver in the form of a more experienced servant, one who knew how to weather the storm. This servant of His (Barney) has dedicated his life to seeing students make progress in stepping up, moving forward in their ministries. I can still remember those early conversations we had, when every word was like fresh water for a soul who had been surrounded only by salt water for the longest time. I was able to drink them in, letting them saturate how I thought and communicated, refreshing my ministry outlook. I remember actually hearing Barney’s words in my mind as I had conversations with volunteers or other leaders, and what a reassurance they were to me. To know that someone was there for me, that someone was invested in me and had my back, was a huge morale booster in itself.  The curriculum has been a wonderful component in this experience. This was the Children’s Ministry education I always needed, but never got.

Since beginning the Kidology Coaching Program I have seen such a difference in my confidence level in leading adults and I have expanded my knowledge about networking and building relationships with others in Kids Ministry. My productivity has increased as I’ve learned how to manage my time better and I’ve gained two assistants—all things that Barney coached me through very thoroughly. I am excited about the extensive introduction to storytelling, puppetry, magic and object lessons I received with Barney—all things I can use to take my level of ministering to kids to the next step.  I have more clarity about my ministry process and what my priorities are, as a leader in Children’s Ministry.  My life is all around a much better picture of someone who is relying on God fully and leading with the confidence that God has called me to reach children and resource families.

In closing, I know that the things I read, heard, experienced and talked about during this coaching program have grown me as a person, a servant of God, a Children’s Ministry leader, a wife, mother, and friend. I am so thankful for the hard work and time that has been invested in this program; a program that is reaping benefits, beyond what you know!

My sincere thanks, Kerrianne Gahr
Children’s Director of Atlantic Ave UB Church

There is no other kidmin coaching program available that provides as much one on one TIME with our students than Kidology Coaching, or that has the depth of quality content coming from coaches who are not only experienced children’s ministry leaders, but trained consultants and coaches.

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