The Cure for Smart Phone Addiction

Last Sunday, our pastor continued a series called Satisfied. He shared some amazing statistics about Americans and their cell phones:

66% of Americans feel anxious if they are separated from their device.

58% do not miss one waking hour without checking their smart phone.

59% of Americans check email as soon as comes in.

89% of Americans check their device every single day, even on vacation.

80% of teenagers sleep with their phone!

84% of Americans believe they couldn’t go a day without their phone.

The average cell phone user checks their phone 150 times a day!

In fact, many people check their cell phone first thing in the morning and as the last thing they do before going to sleep. They go to bed and wake up checking their smart phone.

While some people are worse than others, all of us, I believe, probably check their phone more than necessary. There is no doubt that we live in a world where our smart phone is now practically a part of our body. How many times have you been in a room filled with friends or family and everyone is on their device rather than enjoying each other?
smartphoneboss1smartphoneboss2Well, I know the cure!

While you can set limits, turn it off on dates, or set the charger in another room, I have an even better idea.

Men, you need to join me at Yosemite Summit in May.

Why? It is the perfect opportunity to “unplug.” Whether you feel you have a healthy or addictive relationship with your phone, no one can argue that a week without being constantly connected is not a good thing.

Just Imagine It…

No e-mail.
No facebook.
No twitter.
No texts coming in.
No sports updates.

Just time with God, walking and talking with some other ministry leaders, and enjoying the NOW instead of what is “out there.”

YSglimpsesClarification: The guys do carry their phones for safety and we do allow communication with wives (calls and texts) but we drastically limit all other uses of our smart phones, even deleting email accounts and Facebook and Twitter apps. They can always be restored when the week is over. The freedom to relax when unplugged is difficult to describe!


I can’t tell you how many guys over the years who have told me that initially they were a little concerned about the technology/social unplugging, even if they didn’t admit it to me at the beginning of the week, but by the end, they were so refreshed and rejuvenated that they have determined this is needed regularly. (There is a reason every year I’ve had repeat guys coming on the Summit, this year included.)

Shane Farmers modern day translation of Ecclesiastes 1:4-7

socialbible3 socialbible4

Ready to get unplugged? Want a break from your smartphone? Join me at Yosemite Summit, only TWO spots remain for 2015. Browse the site to learn more about this potentially life-changing experience.

Register Today!



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