JOIN ME in Teaching GO! This Fall!

I’m so excited to announce the curriculum I’ll be using this fall in my own church ministry and I want you to teach it with me! It’s called GO! and if you want to teach the same thing as me, I’ve arranged a 50% deal off the first unit so you can experience this amazing curriculum with me in August! (or September, see below!)

Let me tell you more about it in this short video:

I’m kicking off GO! in August with the ZOOM! series. ZOOM! starts a journey through the entire Bible with an overview of the first five books of the Bible. GO! covers the entire Bible every year, with a unique focus each year, coordinates with Christmas and Easter and regularly includes the Gospel. It’s got both large and small group options and so much more. Check it out at If you’d like to GO! with me, check out the discount code below to save BIG TIME!

I hope you’ll GO! with me and consider teaching GO! with me this year. I’ll be sharing tons of ideas and training along with way, so you’ll have some extra support while using GO!

For 50% off ZOOM!, the August Unit, use the discount code KIDOLOGYZOOM when you check out at the GO! website. (Note: This offer is for new customers only so they can join me on this adventure!) If you sign up for the whole year, be sure to tell them you are joining Karl in teaching GO!

PS: August too soon? No problem, you can join me in SEPTEMBER with the Imagination Time Machine Series and save 50% with the code: KIDOLOGYITM! I’m so excited to do this WITH YOU!

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