The Hunt for Odd Ministry Props

As I write in extensive detail about in the Kid’s Church Cookbook, Part 5: Getting Creative, creative teachers are ALWAYS on the look out for unique teaching items. So I thought I’d share one I picked up over Christmas Break: iWipers


When I saw these I cracked up! The potential for this prop is fantastic!

  • Teaching on Noah and the flood!
  • Teaching on Jesus calming the storm!
  • Simply wear on a rainy day at camp or VBS

Do I know when I will use these? No. But they are now in my collection of creative kidmin props! You can’t wait until you need something to find it – you’ll never have a lesson and say, “Boy, sure wish I had some glasses with windshield wipers on them!” But when you own a pair and are preparing a lesson, one day you’ll say, “HEY! This is when I can use those cool windshield wiper glasses!”

And you’ll be so glad you have them.

The point of this post isn’t to go and get yourself a pair of iWipers. (Though some of you might!) The point is, always keep your eye out of unique props as they engage kids, create memories and bring lessons to life!

What is a cool prop YOU have used to teach or picked up recently?



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