If Yosemite is God’s best, Cedar Point is Man’s

If Yosemite is God’s best…. then Cedar Point is man’s best display of how we have harnessed God’s natural laws and the creativity he gave us and made: Roller Coasters. Yes, Roller Coasters are man’s cheif creation. Since the Tower of Babel man has always desired to go higher and faster… and nothing demonstrates man push for speed than the roller coaster. Sure, race cars and airplanes (and rockets) are faster, but they also have practical purposes: transportation and shipping. Only the roller coaster was built (at the cost of millions of dollars) simply for the pleasure of pushing the common man’s human limits. When we strap ourselves into these wood or metal machines we are saying we want to experience what we were not created to experience in our day to day life – height and speed are were not given to us – but the creativity to think of what does not yet exist and the intellectual ability to make it exist is one of the greatest gifts God gave us when He made us in His image. Forgive me for getting too philosophical about Roller Coasters – but they are one of my favorite things – and I always get philosophical about my favorite things, in an effort to understand WHY I like them so much. (Just be glad I’ve sparred my blog any Star Wars philosophy so far!)

Strong in the Coaster Force are these Dudes.

I am in the car on the way home from two days at Cedar Point. It will be difficult to go back to Great America in Chicagoland now that I know Cedar Point is there. The drive in the night before that circled the park to the Hotel Breakers Resort had me gasping and giggling with delight – it was roller coaster after roller coaster!! They just don’t end. Unlike most parks which have a few roller coasters as ‘anchor’ rides, this park has tons of coasters – it took two days to ride them all, and that was with practically NO LINES due to overcast conditions and threat of rain (and kids still in school). I rode 17 coasters on the first day and this morning in just three hours with Sara we rode 1o more rides before hittin’ the road home. It is a six hour drive from Chicago but is WELL WORTH IT – it would be worth flying to Cedar Point if you live next to Disney World – this is way better!! While there is still a TON of stuff for kids (like THREE of those car driving courses most parks have one of) it is like THE adult amusement park. I am planning to make this pre-Memorial Day trip an annual event. Anyone want to join me there next year??

How Children’s Pastors ride roller coasters at Cedar Point.

I took FRONT SEAT VIDEO on all the major coasters, and once I have high speed Interent will be posting them here on my blog – so check back!!

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    Praying all the way.

  2. I remember going to Cedar Point a couple of times when I was kid (back in the 70’s) I loved it then and I am sure it has changed a lot since then but would love to go again. By the way –> anyone what to chime in on your favorite type of roller coaster: wood or metal. Mine personally is the wooden ones but I am a traditionalist when comes to those things.


  3. I like the metal ones – faster – smoother – loops – spins – everything wood can’t do, but I still love a good wooden coaster and am glad they still make them!

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