Awana Remember 2006!

Last Tuesday evening was our Awana Finale! And what a finale it was! I think it was one of the best we ever did. (and we’ve had some great ones!) But this year we had the clubs enter to some cool music after bursting through a banner with their club name. Sparks ran in to the theme of the Incredibles, Boys Club to the Chicago Bulls anthem, Girls Club to the Summon the Heros Olympic theme, and the JV Krew a funky “Get Ready for This” techno theme. Then we added a bunch of other fun music intros to everything, like theme to Ferris Buler’s Day Off when I came up (Oh Yyyyyeah) and Hail to the Cheif when the Senior Pastor came up to pray. We even had Pirates of the Caribean battle theme when our special speaker came out to give the message after the Pirates Who Don’t Read Anything Toybox tale. (A Pirate known as Long John Underwear, who prefered to go by just Long John!) Anyway, it was a GREAT night! When I sit back and daydream about the year, here are a few of the memories that drift through my mind’s eye…. WATER NIGHT! FUN …

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Order of the Ancient NOW ON AMAZON!

Be the FIRST (or 2nd or 3rd or…) to review the Order of the Ancient on! I’m excited to have my novel on to hopefully increase the sales and expand the market. If you haven’t heard of it, or seen the book’s website, be sure to see! We continue to pray that this novel would have a profound impact on the spiritual development of every kid who reads it – and yet many adults have said it made a huge impact on them too! Seriously, those of you out there who have read and liked the book, I’d really appreciate some positive reviews on Amazon to help sell the book! THANKS!

Hangin’ with the Prez in DC!

This past weekend, I got an awesome opportunity to travel around our nation’s capital as the personal escort and photographer for President George W. Bush. I guess he follows my blog, and when he heard I’d be in the DC area for a Kidology To Go seminar, he asked me if I wouldn’t mind coming a day early and walkin’ around with him and shootin’ some new ‘man of the people’ promo shots for him. Of course, I was flattered to be invited by THE President of these Great United States of America to be his escort and personal photographer, so I happily agreed. I’m hoping that many of these images will soon be seen in school text books, on the news, and in official promotional materials for George W… if so, you can say you saw them first HERE, on! COMPLETE GEORGE W. BUSH GALLERY Welcome to those of you who met me (and George) in DC and are looking for you picture! Here is a sampling of the pictures I took of “W” our day around town together: (more in the COMPLETE GEORGE W. BUSH GALLERY) George with his signature “Thumbs Up” at Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument …

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Baby Luke’s Historic Moment!

Yes, it is true. Today was truly an amazing “Baby First” – did he speak? walk? go to the bathroom all by himself? No, those come next week, but he DID take his pacifier out of his mouth by himself and HOLD IT rather than just launch it across the room… but can he put it back IN all by himself? Watch the video and find out! TWO VIDEO FORMATS: MP4 (7.5 MB MP4 file – already formatted for your video iPod!) MOV (7.9 MB Mov file) Luke, I am your father…. JOIN ME… and together we will rule the galaxy!

Invisible People – NAME THAT MOVIE!

OK, this is just TOO COOL!! First of all, DOWNLOAD THIS EXCEL DOCUMENT. Then, open it, and try to see if how many of the movies you can figure out with the characters faces removed! For example, here is one that was easy for me: Um, these two men dressed in black were easy too: and this guy dressed in yellow: How many can you get?? It’s pretty amazing, if you give an incomplete answer, it will ask for more info, such as this one: Just type in the movie name in the top cell and hit ‘tab’ and the next cell will tell you if you are correct or not. DISCLAIMER: I’m not endorsing any movies that are ‘bad’ or rated ‘R’ – I mean, I don’t even know what half these movies ARE, but I am curious if anyone can get them all right, or who can get the most correct! USE COMMENTS TO PUT MOVIE NUMBER AND ANSWER – so don’t peek at comments until you GIVE UP!!! (so far I have 17 correct)

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