Invisible People – NAME THAT MOVIE!

OK, this is just TOO COOL!!


Then, open it, and try to see if how many of the movies you can figure out with the characters faces removed!

For example, here is one that was easy for me:

Um, these two men dressed in black were easy too:

and this guy dressed in yellow:

How many can you get?? It’s pretty amazing, if you give an incomplete answer, it will ask for more info, such as this one:
Just type in the movie name in the top cell and hit ‘tab’ and the next cell will tell you if you are correct or not.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not endorsing any movies that are ‘bad’ or rated ‘R’ – I mean, I don’t even know what half these movies ARE, but I am curious if anyone can get them all right, or who can get the most correct!

USE COMMENTS TO PUT MOVIE NUMBER AND ANSWER – so don’t peek at comments until you GIVE UP!!!

(so far I have 17 correct)

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  1. I’ve got 29 correct… I will say that I haven’t seen all the ones I’ve gotten right :-) That’d be embarassing. I just know too many ppl that have seen them and told me about them [blush].

  2. Haven’t played it yet, but Karl – you confused me with the name of this post when I get the little thing in the email.

    I thought you were talking about Invisible Children, not just Invisible People.

    ‘Cause, you know, Invisible Children make for a very good blog post.

  3. I have 20. The first evening I received this I spent forever on it. I also learned that Flintstones has a T in it and it’s not spelled Flinstones. Later, Melissa

  4. Karl wants me to put the movies that I have, so he can cheat cause I have more than him, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read on.

    3. Dick Tracy
    6. Batman 3
    9. Footloose
    14. Attack of the Clones. They also accepted Star Wars 5.
    17. Xmen
    20. Titanic
    21. Singing in the Rain
    26. Big
    30. The Flintstones
    32. Ransom
    37. ET
    38. Men in Black
    41. Shrek
    43. Grease
    45. Fast and the Furious
    46. Wedding Singer
    47. Blues Brothers
    48. Purple Rain
    49. Waterboy

  5. oops, I forgot one.

    7. Austin Powers 2

  6. I’ve got twenty four so far, without peeking.

    But I’m serious, all you lot – go check out Invisible too.

  7. Update: 32 done without peeking.

    (I really need an Edit feature for my comments.)

  8. 10. Stand By Me
    12. About a Boy
    16. Signs
    19. Dirty Dancing
    22. Back to the Future
    27. Jumanji
    28. Color of Money
    29. Pushing Tin
    34. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    42. The Matrix
    44. First Blood
    56. Godzilla

  9. Just a few more to add…

    1. Trading Places
    2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    8. An Officer and a Gentleman
    36. Independence Day
    40. Porkies – never seen it…honest!!
    51. The Full Monty – never seen this either…I swear!!!
    58. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – actually, there are quite a few I know that I never saw…like this one :)

    If you know any more, please share…I’m dyin’ to find out what some of these are……

  10. By the way, I had 28 correct before I peeked…so many movies I haven’t seen…

  11. I have 51 at this point and I’m still going! I got all of the ones folks haven’t seen and then the following. I know that 54 Is a Lord of the Rings movie and I can’t get it right! GRRR!

    Here’s what I’ve got that other’s don’t and some corrections:

    4: Wayne’s World
    5: Top Secret!
    6: Batman Forever
    7: Austin Powers in Goldmember (this is the 3rd movie)
    13: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    15: Usual Suspects
    18: The Sixth Sense
    24: The Fifth Element
    25: Speed
    33: Full Metal Jacket
    35: Hellraiser
    39: Swingers (Vegas, baby!)
    45: The Fast and the Furious
    50: White Men Can’t Jump
    53: Zoolander
    58: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    I’ll post more later!

  12. 60: Evolution w/ David Dutchosky (sp) of X files. Saw it; wished I hadn’t.

  13. 54: Fellowship of the Ring (my teen and ‘tween A/V crew got this one.)

    BTW, I was at 27 when I peeked.

  14. 57 is “Bridget Jones Diary”

  15. 23 is “The Big Lebowski” (I have never even heard of this movie, I need to get out more!)

    37 is “ET” (Possibly one of the worst movies ever made IMO)

    55 is “Sleepy Hollow”

    I had two other coworkers standing around my desk figuring these ones out — good use of company time isn’t it!

  16. Update… still needed:

    #59 – will anyone admit knowing that one?

  17. 11 – Notting Hill
    31 – Pulp Fiction
    52 – Jackie Brown

  18. 59- Kingpin

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