What’s the Difference?


At dinner last night with friends who had gathered in Vista, CA for a meeting, we were discussing a wide variety of things, but one statement stood out for me. It was a quote from a person quoting someone else, so I don’t know who to attribute it to, but one of the guys was saying that in a job interview the candidate asked:

What is the difference between an average person and a person of excellence?

The answer was FOCUS. The excellent person is just an average person, but with focus. There are many good things that can consume our days and we can be busy about a great many things, but the key is asking what is God asking me to focus on today? Your walk with Him? Your family – spouse or a specific child? Another relationship – perhaps a relative or friend? Or a specific project?

Every morning make it a habit to jot down 2-3 things that will be your FOCUS for the day. Put them first and allow them to DRIVE YOUR DAY and let the rest of the “stuff” that enters your day to come second, if you even get to them. Excellence will be the result.


Ironically, my rental car was a Ford Focus while I’m here. So that’s why there are car pictures instead of a magnifying glass or binoculars which would have fit the post better. (in case you were wondering)

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  1. So what are everyone’s thoughts on this? Is it “Focus” that is the thing that separates a person from being “Good” or “Excellent”?

    I have known plenty of people who have great focus but only on the wrong things. This focus of theirs did not make them excellent.

    This sounds like it would be nice to have the difference between good and excellence be able to be narrowed down to it just being “Focus”. But in ways is this not like saying that the only difference between the car “Focus” and a BMW is that the windshield on the Focus is clearer?

    I do think that having a goal for each day is none the less a very important thing to do and encourage everyone to do it as well.

    Glad you had a good time. Hope your family is all well now.

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