Confessions of a Driven Pastor

A while back I found the articles linked below on and they were exactly what I needed at the time. I have since shared them with many men and I offer them here, not as something I think you might need, but as something I NEEDED that you just might too. I recommend you read and digest just one at a time and actually DO the recommended assignment provided in each PDF download. Confessions of a Driven Pastor I (Download Part One) It’s no longer safe to assume that people in ministry have healthy souls and just need a little coaching in the leadership area. – Pastor Lance Witt  Confessions of a Driven Pastor II (Download Part Two) For years I intuitively knew that I was violating my soul. In honest and quiet moments, I longed to get off the treadmill but didn’t know how. – Pastor Lance Witt I pray that you will find these artilces as convicting and as helpful to you as I did.

Children’s Ministry Wisdom

Things you might not know if it were not for children’s ministry: • In a room full of preschoolers, anything can happen when you close your eyes to pray. • Prayer requests reveal a lot about parents. • Helium tanks should be chained down tightly. • Cheap glue adheres to skin. • Kool Aid and song motions do not mix. • Grand pianos are not as durable as you might think. • Church maintenance men do not have a sense of humor. • Offering money always rolls to the other side of the room when dropped. • Hand-me-down sound systems can get loud when the adult service is taking communion. • Ushers do not have a sense of humor. • Parachute games should not be used in a room with a chandelier. • Animal crackers can be sneezed out the nose. • Girls are superior to boys. • There are reasons why pastor’s kids have a bad reputation. by Roger Fields ADD YOUR OWN IN COMMENTS!

Chronicles of Sarnia

While I’ve been to fourteen different countries, and included Canada in that list, I had only been to Niagra Falls, and I’m not sure if that really counted. (Probably not) So I was excited to be invited to Sarnia, Ontario this past weekend for several days of ministry. My first surprise was that after flying to Flint, Michigan we drove straight East, rather than North, as I expected, as Canada juts down into the US quite a bit between Detroit, MI and Buffalo, NY. (Click any images for larger view in new window) Getting across the border proved a little challenging, “And why are you coming?” But most of the delay was us waiting in the wrong line. (oops) But once I dropped my brother name, we threw through like a Blue Jay. (Not sure that had anything to do with getting through, but hey, it was worth a try! “My brother covers the Blue Jays for! You have to let me across!)It was a full but fulfilling weekend! I did a family program on Friday evening, a Kidology To Go on Saturday, and spoke on Sunday as well before heaing back to the good ‘ol US of A. …

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Karl’s Lego Star Destroyer!

Several years ago (before I blogged on an official “blog”) I created a page that showed me and my friend Ryan Yoder assembling my Lego Star Destroyer, which at the time, was the largest Lego kit that Lego had ever created up to that point.   I often am telling kids about it (as I was this weekend in Canada) and wishing it was posted on my blog, so I am posting a post about the post where I posted about it: For all the pictures step by step (and cool star background) SEE THE ORIGINAL LEGO STAR DESTROYER POST.  It took us two full days to assemble the 3000+ pieces of this Lego work of art! So now it is linked and searchable on my blog so I can just tell kids, search my blog for Lego Star Destroyer and you’ll find a link to it! CHECK IT OUT THE COMPLETE PICTURES HERE. 

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