Goodbye Friends…

The only downside to a CPC is that you have to leave. Here are a bunch of fun people that I met or got to see while here… I know these guys as “Larry and Bob” because they dress up as Larry and Bob to minister to kids. Sherry and Sam from INCM Jeremy Lee and Mee A Kidology member I met in the elevator! More members that stopped me to say hi (always makes my day) Nancy Keith, the newest Kidology CP Team Member! Rob Biagi and Tanner in the background. Roger Fields of Kidz Blitz. (thanks, Roger, for the yummy steak dinner!) This guy of course has to come back with me… Tanner has just moved up to full time with Kidology as our Director of Web Operations. On, if it looks sharp – Tanner had a hand in it!

My favorite CPC booths….

My favorite thing about CPC has always been the exhibit hall! Where else can you buy a flying monkey!? (picture not available yet) But here are some of my favorite booths – NOT in order of favorite, so please, no hurt feeling by my exhibitor friends, they are in the order that I took them just to keep it random, and many favorites are not shown, because I missed taking a picture, or the booth was too packed due to be others’ favorite as well – so no hurt feelings if your booth is missing! (For many of them, click on the picture for their website) My wife’s favorite booth… EVERY church needs one of these wonder machines! This funny guy has had an effective ministry for years! CEF, while one of the longest enduring ministies, has not always been known for being cutting edge (most known for their flannel graphs) so the flat screens and DVD players stopped me in my tracks! Looks like some good fresh things are happening. Crosspoint / Centri-Kid is a ministry of Life Way, these guys also provided the eZone where the new site Kidology built was launched and featured at CPC. The …

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The Kidologist being stalked?

Shelly is mentioned below… today she showed up at my workshop wearing a fan shirt… Shelly, me and her preschool director Debbie Close up of shirt. The back of the shirt. Apparently, this idea was discussed on Kidology, but only Shelly came through!It wasn’t the first female fan, Sherry Davis, INCM store manager pulled a quick one on me! I explaied that my digital camera flashed twice, and that it was the second flash that actually takes the picture. So after the first flash I saw some motion out of the corner of my eye and this was what the picture revealed: That’s as close as she got! Posting it here is her punishment. Tanner suggested a new blog theme, ‘the women of CPC’, but I think this is it… I don’t want to be sleeping on the floor when I get home! More pictures of the women (and men) of CPC coming next! But no more stalker or kissy photos!

Evening in Atlanta…

Tannerman and I went out on the town tonight to escape the confines of the hotel, and decided to skip the closest restaurant, an orange owl themed restaurant, and explore further downtown. We ended up in a place called ‘Downtown Atlanta’ – best described for those in Chicago as lower Wacker drive with shops, very retro. It was a bit chilly, but nice to be out. We got back just in time for some meetings that went until after midnight! Here are some pics from our journey….. Me. In Atlanta. What else can I say? Tanner taking pictures for his blog. One of the locals… Shops…. and more shops…. a happen’ place as you can see!and finally, just for Tanner… (see his meal) My Dinner. Yum Yum. (afterwards, of course!)

Brings New Meaning to "Popping a Wheelie"

Ron Fugle, also known as “Master Ron” – is definately a master at balloons! He is having a blast making balloons for the attendees of the conference. Here is my favorite so far… Ron sitting on his balloon wheels… Scott Nelsen from Harvest Publications took it for a spin too… The difference between the men and the boys…. (there is no difference) And, of course, I couldn’t resist burnin’ some carpet with these fancy wheels either… Definately, a chick magnet! Here’s a pic without the guys spoiling the view… some pretty fancy work there Ron! All it needs is a black balloon jacket!