Arrived in Spokane…

Rich Stafford anyone?

We have arrived in Spokane WA after a looooong but fun train ride (pics to come, this is a Palm post).

In addition to our visit at Shiloh Baptist, we are hoping to track down a college friend, Rich Stafford, who went to MBI with me and stood up in my wedding, but I’ve lost his contact info. Anyone know Rich and Donna Stafford? Let me know!!!! More later!

Rich has been found!

Check out his website: He now lives in Portland, and we are planning to see him NEXT WEEK! THANKS to those of you who helped, and especially to Pastor Rick who tracked his info down.

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  1. Welcome to the BEAUTIFUL Northwest! Be careful, you may never want to leave!

  2. Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow! Don’t let our gas prices scare you away. :-)

  3. Great to meet you tonight!

  4. Watch out, though, Henry and Kim! Karl’s finally put the last nail in the coffin. He’s laid it to rest. He’s sent the joke the way of the mortuary. He’s stretched it farther than a Hertz.

    There’s the whole procession… the dearly departed jokes just never stop with Karl. Great fun when you’ve been awake for 36 hours and have no mental ability whatsoever.

  5. Good job Daniel! (anyone else reading this – I got on a roll with ‘funeral’ puns, not sure where it started) but Daniel said he was too tired to fire some back, so he has now proved he had it in him after all. He didn’t stiff me after all, now that that he is a wake.

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