Kids Need Practical LIFE SKILLS

Kids don’t need FLUFF, they need HELP navigating this challenging world. I can’t resist sharing this SNEAK PEEK at the next series ROCK SOLID! It’s going to have some AMAZINGLY PRACTICAL LIFE SKILLS for kids! (That adults could benefit from too, honestly.) How to read the Bible, how to pray, choosing friends, restoring broken friendships, and so much more. REAL SKILLS for REAL LIFE. NOW for January and February, FREE for Kidology All Access Members.

Here is a glimpse into some of the practical lessons the kids will be learning in the ROCK SOLID series:

How to Read the WORD:

How to PRAY:

How to be a GOOD FRIEND:

How to RESTORE  a broken friendship:

I hope you’ll check out ROCK SOLID, there is so much practical teaching on the Basics of the Christian Life!

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