Blasting Past Mount Saint Helens

On our way South on I-5 through Washington, we stopped at the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center and finally got to see this famous mountain.

The famous mountain in the distance.

Granted from a great distance, but I still remember May 18, 1980 very well, I was only 11 years old when it blew. I was mesmerized by the power of the blast and the scope of the disaster. Ash reached my home in Lakewood, California.

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

Not only was it beautiful here where we stopped, but the entire drive through Western Washington was breath-taking. When Rich Stafford and I were friends at Moody he was always bragging about the Great North West, which he always said with emphasis – it took me a while to get here, but I’ll admit it, “Rich, you were right, it is awesome here!” We will definatly be planning a future vacation here some time when we can stay even longer!

Me, at home in the woods.

We are now driving through Portland, Oregon on our way to Henry Zonio’s home. We will be going to his church on Sunday. (Yes, I am online in a moving car on my laptop – btw, Sara is driving, not me)

At one with the trees?

Until next time, please leave a comment. ;)

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  1. I got home, and Jeremiah says, “I’m getting ready for bed without crying because Pastor Karl said to.”

  2. Looks like the trip is going great! Nice and relaxing while at the same time, adventurous. Glad you are enjoying!

  3. Karl and Sarah,
    Thanks for taking all of us along on your trip via the blog. It’s been fun to follow along with your adventure.

  4. Yes I am grateful for the two of you taking us all on this trip with you.

    Sarah, my wife would like to hear from you also on how you like sharing your vacation with all of us. Thanks again for the trip with both of you. We are praying for you.

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