Kings Circle Gallery…

Interview summary coming later, but for those itchin’ for more church pictures, you might notice that the Kings Circle Gallery is now live. (SEE IT NOW)

Henry and DeeOgee

Henry and I had a GREAT time talkin’ ministry, and more will be posted on that later. (I’m still in the middle of my article on Pastor Rick from Shiloh) The good news is, I left my jacket at Henry’s, and since we came back North for a few stops, I’ll get to see Henry again on the way back South.

Philomath Friends…

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  1. I love the pictures of other churches. I also find it great to see pictures of other cp team members. We spend time on the net but never know what each other looks like.

  2. sometimes that is for a reason. ;)

  3. Ha Ha very funny!

    BTW, my kids can’t stop talking about you and Sara. Even Anneliese has a longing look in her eyes wondering where you guys are. :-)

    It was cool seeing my church in pictures through an “outsider’s” eyes.

  4. Looks fantabulous, Henry! Now can I come and visit?!?

  5. anytime!

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