Veggie Pirate Movie – Hits the Treasure!

As “live blogged” in my last post, I was fortunate to be able to attend an advanced screening of the new Veggie Pirate Movie. Since Kidology has volunteered to be a promotional partner (we do not accept paid advertising) I was just a little nervous… what if I don’t like it? (not that this was likely coming from Big Idea, but it’s our first time being an official promotional sponsor, so positivity is kinda assumed.) Well, not only can I rest at ease – you can too!


And exceeded even my high expectations! Any concerns of it feeling too long (“half an hour” is part of the Veggie theme song!) or missing the mark of appealing to a wide range of ages quickly evaporated.


Steve Tanner and I with our shirts we
won answering movie trivia at the end!

I’m happy to let you know that the movie hit all the marks for me!

  • Great for kids!
  • Humor for adults too
  • Great message
  • MANY teachable points
  • Visually stunning
  • Creative and fast paced

With the recent hit of “other other Pirate movies” – I wondered if it would feel like the thrill of pirates had faded. (They did note that their screen play was written first!) I loved the opening scene, granted the temporary music was from the Pirates of the Caribbean, but it was a lot of fun. I wondered how modern times and “Somewhere in the 17th Century” would blend, but it was done creatively and with little over-explaining.

This film is not a direct parody of a Bible story, such as Jonah was. While some may find reason to criticize that, I actually found this approach stronger. In a Bible-story adaptation, you have to explain what is “real” or “true” from the story, and what was make-believe. In this approach, the entire thing is make-believe, so you have a LOT more freedom to draw lessons and teachable points. Some, perhaps, not even intended by the writers. It’s too soon for spoilers, but let me say, you could pause this movie often and make teachable applications, or show clips to teach even some spiritual issues that adults wrestle with. The animation may lean toward younger kids, but the message is both hard hitting and encouraging at the same time. There are lessons for kids, but a strong message for Dads too to give your kids a reason to look up to you.

Of course, the question is always: see it in the theater, or wait for the DVD. I would really encourage the giant screen experience. From the thrilling music, to the beautiful vistas and even giant rock monsters… the giant screen will be a blast to enjoy, as well as keep kids focused for their first exposure to the story and message. I’m eager to see the final version when it comes to theaters.

While I like to see wholesome Christian films in the theater to help support and encourage their creators and to send a message to Hollywood to make more wholesome, fun, clean movies… this one I’ll see in theaters simply because it will be the best viewing experience.

Karl gives Veggie Pirates four thumbs up! (holding up my son’s thumbs for extra votes)

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