Starting a Blog?

Starting a blog? I often get asked advice on starting a blog since I’ve been blogging since before there were blogs! (I used to create stand alone webpages to record events, like this one or these) I have a detailed post titled What Makes a Good Blog? but let in short I’d say just start one (and yes, just ONE will do) and keep in mind, it is primarily for YOU not your readers. I consider my blog to be my personal digital scrap book. It is first and foremost for stuff I want to save and remember, secondly to keep in touch with family and friends and yet I know that there is a wider readership and so I keep them in mind to – but I don’t seek to please them or worry whether they ‘approve’ all the time. (I’ve had complaints from time to time which is really odd since its a personal blog and the complaints I’ve received are totally inappropriate for what a blog is, but oh well.)

Bottom line: Blog whatever you want. You’ll be your #1 reader over the years, especially the old posts! (I doubt anyone reads my archives, but I cruise them often!)

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  1. Can I ask you what or how do you save your blog post? Have you ever turned them into a book? What creative ideas have you heard or done or thinking about to do with all blog post?

    This is what I am personally struggling with and not sure which way or exactly what to do. I would love to hear your thoughts or anyone else’s.

  2. I agree with your post Karl. When I first started blogging I tried to figure out what people in children’s ministry wanted to read. The result wasn’t pretty. When I started blogging about what I am personally passionate about, then it became a fruitful enterprise, if not always for others, at least generally for me.

  3. Todd, there is no need to save my blog posts in another medium. Since I host my own blog (and back it up regularly) it is saved (and resaved) and I’ll always view it online where it is searcable. My wife has suggested making the posts about Luke a book for him someday, and I might, but for now, that is more work than its worth – I’d rather put that time into new posts. But DO make sure your blog is backed up, it would be a tragedy to lose your blog – you have some GOOD STUFF on your blog.

  4. Good post, Karl. Your blog was one of the inspirations for me to get into blogging (see what you’ve unleashed on the cyber world!). Like Glen, I discovered early on that I didn’t neccesarily have to write anything earth-shakingly profound, just what’s on my mind and heart.

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