Little Miss Hummer

I’ve never been in a Hummer, and I’ve only known one family that owned one, but I’ve always thought they were cool looking, though the gas mileage doesn’t attract me, one reason I downsized from a Chevy trailblazer to the PK Cruiser. And if you live in the burbs, do you really need all that power? Yes! And here is proof.

Today I met my wife’s parents and one of our Kid U speakers at the mall for lunch and parking was hard to find, though I saw a close spot that I thought “no one can fit there with all the snow.” Wrong-0… a Hummer can!

So here is this Hummer owner having way too much fun, finally getting to “off road” at Woodfield Mall… onto a little snow to park where no other car could park. Now, I know this wouldn’t be so amazing, or hardly “blogable” until I saw the owner headed toward her car….

Let me introduce you to Millie, the proud owner of this monster park-on-top-of-the-snow Hummer! I was so shocked, I rolled down my window and asked her if I could take a picture of her with her car, and she agreed.

She seemed rather flattered that I wanted to take her picture posing with her car, and told me, “I can’t wait to tell my son that I got to be a model today.” Go Millie! And watch out the rest of you! Millie may be behind you and nothing gets in her way!

I love how God knows just when to add a little humor to an otherwise extremely difficult day. Hope Millie added a smile to your day too.

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  1. AWESOME!!! I love little elderly women who are empowered by big vehicles!!

  2. WOW! You can see the GROUND where you live! The other day I found a little foot long patch NOT covered in snow! Look how high the handle is to her. sweet!

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