Watch Where You Step!

So I’m out relaxing in the front yard, enjoying an awake-nap (know the type?) in my hammock, when I see something little and white moving across the lawn… (click images for larger close-up view, unless your name is Henry)


See the little white ball?

So I get down close to see what it is: a spider carrying a ball almost as big as him (or her), I honestly couldn’t tell, but when something is UGLY I usually assume it’s a guy.


Pointing to show the size… not too scary, at least not from a distance.

Maybe headed out to play? Or just left and took the ball with him when the other spiders didn’t like his rules?


I got as close as I could and we locked eyes for a stare-down!

He gave me a nasty look and I told him he was alive at my mercy; that I could easy squish him at any second. He shrugged and replied, “That may be true, but if you were my size, you’d be running for your mommy.” I had no come back to that, so I let him live.


But I’m never walking barefoot in my front yard again!

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. EWWwwwwww. Next time give me a warning too. I clicked to enlarge it thinking it was a frog. I hate spiders and now I’m going to bed and am going to feel like spiders are crawling all over me. Thanks a lot. Good night. EWWWwwwww!!!

  2. Karl, that’s just nasty!!! I can’t believe you got that close to that ugly thing. Don’t show us next time OK, some of us may go to bed and have nightmares or something! Once again, that’s gross!

  3. I believe this is a female wolf spider nudging her egg sack! How cool!

  4. Yes I believe your right. It is a spider with her egg sack! Karl you could of kill thousands. Very cool pictures. wish my camrea could take that good of a picture. If I was to bet, I would say that this spider was in your hammock and you destroyed it nest when you sat down to take your nap. :)

  5. nice photo, thanks i can use it at school

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