Three Days to my iPhone

Only three more days to my iPhone:


As I mentioned I already mentioned here, (see Why Wait?) I’ll be getting an iPhone the day they come out – THIS FRIDAY! I’ve been looking forward to the iPhone since before I knew it existed. A dedicated Palm user since 1998, I have even taught workshops on how a PDA can enhance your ministry. I loved my Palms and have owned nearly every one as they came out, but as the company was sold and bought back and sold and split and merged it lost it’s vision, diluted its brand, and failed to stay cutting edge. While no other phone or PDA really passed Palm in the PDA race, many joined it in the lead, most notably the Blackberry.


See the iPhone TV commercials

Since switching to Mac in February of 2004, I have marveled at how easily and seemlessly everything Apple is – the slogan “it just works” is not just a slogan, it is reality, with few exceptions. Most of those exceptions being when trying to use a Mac with non-Apple technology, and nothing has been more painful for me than getting my Palm devices to work well with my Mac. My treo 650, one of the best “smart phones” on the market today, has not been able to live up to its potential on a Mac. Not only do I miss the functionality of Palms, but I miss how integrated technology was with my life and how organized and on top of details I was when I was relying on my Palm for personal organization. Now my Palm Treo is just my phone, address book, and a copy of my calendar, far less from the time when I managed tasks, edited document, and wrote my entire novel on my Palm Pilot.


See it in 360 degrees!

Since being on a Mac, I’ve asked many times when Apple would create a PDA and the answer was always, “never because of the Newton.” (I own one that a friend gave me. It may have failed, and was huge, but is an amazing device that was then too far ahead of its time!)

But soon my wait is over. On Friday, Apple is finally selling the iPhone, and it is far more than a PDA or a Phone. The best review I have read that is both positive and honest is here.


Simply Beautiful

My plan was to go Friday AM before the mall opened and wait in line all day, but an important appointment came up that I just can’t say, “Sorry, but I need to be in line all day for an iPhone” to, so I will be in line by 3pm for a phone that goes on sale at 6pm. But the Apple Store has said that they will stay open as late as necessary to serve everyone who is in line when the store closes! So it seems I will be going home with an iPhone on Friday, and will certainly post a review soon. The activation video shows how the entire process of setting up a phone has been revolutionized, so you can just buy the phone and go home! No more being in the cell phone store for hours. (unless you are waiting in line to buy one!)

Then my Treo 650 will go into the Kidology Garage Sale…. CHEAP!

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  1. It’s going to be interesting to see how slammed Apple’s servers will be with the online activation concept.

  2. I am excited for you. How do you feel about being with AT&T though? Is it true that there is a 5 year contract you need to sign as well?

  3. From what I’ve been reading, the biggest downside to the iPhone is the AT&T side of the coin. Go figure.

  4. yeah, Im curious about the AT&T side of things. the contract is only 2 years, and my interest is first and foremost a Mac-friendly PDA, secondly a phone, and I will still have my current phone account that I will hang on to until I am sure the AT&T is ok. I have an sweet motorola phone (M-70 i think) that isn’t attached to any phone that i could still carry as my phone and use the iPhone mostly as an PDA with wireess Hi-Wi… but I’d rather NOT carry two phones. either way, i am NOT keeping the Treo, im tired of it.

  5. hi…

    forget about iphone, st. paul saint is offering ipig, check this out… its quite funny.. hahaha

  6. Very cool! But I’m not into Technology very much, especially cell phones. Like LEGO? Like iPhone? Watch this! This is from a very well known Brickfilmer! Watch his other stuff to!

  7. Looking forward to your review of the iPhone. I’d love to pick one up myself…but just can’t swing that price. Hopefully it won’t be too long and the price will drop to a more affordable price.

  8. been savin’ up since last October when it was announced, and my Treo is entering old age… so I need a new phone anyway…. so I subtract from the cost what another good smart phone would cost (200-300) and then tell myself I’m only spending the difference to get a far superior phone. :o) there’s a lesson in how to rationalize. ;)

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