Now iPhone Friendly

Thanks to the folks at, my blog is now iPhone (or iPod Touch) friendly! I love my current theme (created by but on the iPhone it was a bit much to navigate. Now you can enjoy my blog on your iPhone, those of you lucky (or smart) enough to have one. ENJOY!

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  1. With us moving from DC to Arkansas on the 19th of June we will be switching from our current church provider of T-Mobile (also because they have terrible reception there as well and that is what allows us to get out of our contract for free) to a service provider who has great reception for the area and all – AT&T/Cingular.

    As this move happens I have been toying with paying the price to get an i-Phone for me. Any advice from those already using one would be much appreciated. I may also have to call you my friend to get some lessons quickly to get me up and going with the phone and my new macbook pro they bought for me to use:0)

  2. WAIT! Don’t buy an iPhone until the new one comes out this month, it will be only $199 and have 32GB of memory plus be ready for all the new software company’s have been programming like crazy since the SDK came out earlier this year. I will be getting the new one and giving my wife my current one. ;)

  3. Karl, were did you find out about the new iphone? I haven’t seen anything.

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