Five Things Todd Does Great

As mentioned earlier, I was in town for a Kidology To Go last Saturday at Todd McKeever’s Church. (he blogged about it already) He asked me for some feedback on what I observed on Sunday, so I thought I’d just go ahead and blab it all here on my blog! (no worries, Todd, it’s all good!)

In my travels I’ve been blessed to see more children’s ministries than I can count… here are just some of the things that impressed me about what Todd is doing at Jubilee Christian Center:


1) The room is kid friendly – with a creative set and even a slime machine!


2) Not one, not two, but THREE inflatables make kids know the room is for them!


3) This is the typical expression on the kids faces! (a good sign)


4) Even separate play things for the little tots so they don’t get clobbered by the Big Kids!


5) Nothing says “we love kids” like a video game wall.


6) Kids have to come early to enjoy the giant fun stuff, helped encourage being on time.


7) Todd is available and eager to help his volunteers all morning.


(Just my artsy picture out the stairwell window as I snuck around)


8 ) A playground outside prioritizes kids too! (for warmer weather)


9) Creative and informative parent and volunteer information is great!


Todd’s daughter has NBA dreams!


10) Cool games that show planning ahead!


Frozen pancakes… yum yum!


11) Kids get to play fun and messy games with a point!



12) The lesson was filled with fun stories and scripture that was relevant to the needs of kids.

13) Todd did a great job of delegating – volunteers ran the computer, lead games, and chose kids to produce instant dramas to illustrate the lesson.

14) Todd’s lesson had one main point that everything else reinforced: Never Give Up Doing Good.

15) Todd’s humor was on target and his presence commanded attention without being overbearing.

16) Todd included kids in the teaching – not only in the skits, but in using their feedback throughout the lesson to illustrate his lesson.

17) They have recently implemented a new sign in process to increase security and no adults were allowed into the gym (other than volunteers… and, oh yeah, me!) until all the kids had been picked up or accounted for and parents in charge.

18) Classrooms were painted creatively, bright, but not too much.

19) Kids ran to greet Todd with hugs… a sign that know they are known and loved at church.


20) Todd (and Rachel’s) kids were the best examples of kids who love Jesus I’ve seen in quite a while. As mentioned in a previous post, their attitudes and spirit toward each other in many situations was a huge testimony to me that Todd not only teaches Christ’s love, but he lives it, and it is “caught as well as taught” by his two kids.

Oh, did I say FIVE THINGS? Oh, well, I guess I got carried away! Keep up the great work, Todd!

BONUS: Video of the Pancake Game!
(Trying to flip frozen pancakes into tins on top of partners head!)

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  1. Thanks for the very kind words, but now you have made me blush.

    I must say, the reason you may have been able to see so many good things is due to the many years that I have been part of Kidology. Having the site of Kidology and all the great incredible and inspiring people who make up Kidology have really helped formed everything you were able to write about in this post.

    Thanks again for coming. I just got a phone call from a lady last night who had attended the Kidology to Go and she was telling me how her daughter (who just turned 20) came along with her and she thought she wouldn’t get much out of the Kidology to Go. By the end of their time at the Kidology To Go they both walked out with a re-newed desire to serve and love on kids and were becoming members of Kidology that day. The daughter also feels that she is going to be a missionary and everything she learned from you is extremely beneficial to accomplishing what god wants her to do.


  2. O.K. I tried the Pancake Toss this lat week in my Kids Church…. huge hit. Thanks for the idea!

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