Two Too Cool Kids Pastors!

Well, I headed up North today to enjoy some fellowship with two awesome children’s pastors. The drive was absolutely beautiful the entire way!


The Fall Colors were simply amazing!

Of course, it’s hard to capture the beauty while driving, but I tried! In fact, I even made a video, which you can watch below, but both the pictures and video hardly capture the brightness of the colors that I was driving past for nearly two hours… this is simply a gorgeous area of America.

The most shocking was when I suddenly had a semi driving the wrong direction RIGHT AT ME!!!


YIKES! “You’re Going the Wrong Way!” (name the movie)

Fortunately, I was able to swerve around just in time to see that actually, it was being towed in reverse:


That’s a serious tow truck!


My destination: Jubilee Christian Center for a Kidology To Go on Saturday. This is not my first time here. In fact, I was here last April hangin’ with President Bush who posed with my buddy Todd:

Todd and the President!

When I arrived I remembered that Todd has a wonderfully decorted and themed children’s ministry and made my way to his office…



I made way through the fun hallways to Todd’s office where I caught him in the act..


Playing with his Jesus Action Figure (with posable arms and gliding action)!! See those cool posters on his wall, here are some close ups: (as always on my blog, click any image to view larger)



The theme of his kids ministry is TAKE T.W.O. – from Reel to Real! I plan soon to give more detail on his thematic ministry, and an interview if possible! Like all good kids pastors, his office is full of toys!


And even though it is the youth ministry, I’ll still show you some cool pictures from the youth room:


I think Jesus can teach them a thing or two about being Super!


Will the REAL SUPER HERO please stand up?

Then it was off to lunch with another area CP (children’s pastor) who is part of the Kidology CP Team, Mark Romero, who is the CP at Manassas Assembly of God. Where do children’s pastor go to eat lunch?


K.C’s Restaurant of course. (I’m assuming that stands for Kids Church??)

And then it was off for a quick tour of Mark’s ministry as well:


Great Room Signs!


Amazing Murals!


Mark and Todd giving the Ark some support!


Hmmm? You don’t volunteer in the children’s ministry?


You get a pager with red yarn on it… yup! All parents are expected to serve at least once a month in the nursery/preschool, and if they don’t, the red ribbon lets them and everyone know they are a taker and not a giver. One of the most unique recruiting techniques I’ve heard of in awhile!


In the Kids Church room, the windows are covered with images of children… looks very cool.


And visitors get their picture of the “Fridge*Ship” metal door.


As well as a cool prize box to keep as a “thanks for coming.”

It was fun to get to meet Mark and see his ministry, and to get some relaxing time with Todd, his wife and two adorable kids. The evening ended with a trip to a fun family pizza buffet called CiCi’s where I think I got my coat switched with Todd’s daughter:


His kids are both sweet and a reflection of their parents. In our short time together I heard such kind conversation between them, and even a quick sincere natural apology from the 9 year old brother to his 6 year old sister when he accidently tripped her (which was my fault for saying ‘last one there’s a rotten egg’) that I knew these kids are in a home where Christ is not only loved and honored, but his way of life modeled before them. In my book, I don’t care how big or successful your church ministry is – it is the children’s ministry in your home that matters most, and so I’m happy to report that Todd is a great kids pastor, not because of what I saw in his building, but by what I observed in his kids.

I hope I will be a better dad than I ever was a children’s pastor. I’m more than happy to have a children’s ministry of ONE right now, my little Luke. (who I miss very much, even though I just said goodbye this morning) Mommy and Lukie – I’ll be back soon!

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  1. Karl is great having you here and spending time with you.

    For me so far the thing that always sticks out to me is that those things you teach on are truly the things you live and do.

    While we are Ci-ci’s you blowing the balloon up and giving it to the boy in the booth next to us. Yes, you really did pull it out of a bag you carry around with you, your bag of cheer. My daughter totally enjoys you along with my son as well. The reason, not just because you are fun, kind, wear my daughters jacket, talk Star Wars with my son, but just because they can tell you truly do care for kids. You make it very easy to be a host.

    I will post more on my blog after I can make it through this weekend.

    Thanks Karl for just being who God made you- my friend.

  2. Karl, Looks like you are having a great time. I will be praying for the Kidology To Go seminar today. Have fun!!

  3. Hi! I love your relevant movie poster with a biblical twists. Is there a way I can get a hold of that for my ministry?? I am doing a movie theater theme and would LOVE to use them and more if you have them

  4. Unfortunately, those in my post were custom done for my friend by a lady in his church and are one of a kind, however 252 curriculum by reThink offers very cool biblical movie posters that are VERY well done that a lost of childrens pastors buy and frame even if they dont use the curriculum.

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