Two (more) Too Cool Kids Pastors!

This has been a fantastic trip for getting to see and meet some fellow children’s pastors. (I say fellow CP’s as they share my heart, even though I am not currently a CP). I blogged about Todd and Mark earlier, and but there were two more on this trip!

The first was Tom Bump – thought I feel like a such a bum (not to be confused with Bump) because I spent several hours with Tom at the Kidology To Go and then at Chili’s enjoying dinner and fellowship and never once took a picture to blog! It would not be dishonest to say that the conversation was so engrossing that snappin’ a picture just never crossed my mind! I think Tom and I will become great friends. The next time I see him will be at Yosemite Summit since he is one of the first to sign up for the Unconference for Children’s Pastors! We have shared many similar ministry experiences and enjoys hours of sharing those stories and lessons God is teaching us both on this journey of life and ministry. The picture below is from his CP Team application, and includes his wife April who kept calling and hearing, “I’ll be heading home soon, really” over and over. I finally told her her name will probably be May by the time he gets home. (he drove several hours to come the conference)


I also got to meet another cool Kids Pastor today who I have come to know recently through his blog! (where he beat me to blogging about this evening!) Alan Phillips has been encouraging his parents to read my novel, Order of the Ancient, to their kids and then he has been blogging about it. (Here and here and here and here and here.)

When I blogged that I was coming to Williamsburg, he posted a comment that he lives near here, and so I e-mailed him and suggested our families get together for a meal. He ended up influencing THREE of our vacation meals!

#1 He mentioned that his wife works for Chick-Fil-A, so we went there first as soon as we landed:


#2 – As we discussed where to meet for dinner, he jokingly suggested SONIC they like it and don’t have one near them and know there is one in Williamsburg. After we got off the phone, I had SONIC on the brain, so we headed there for dinner!


#3 – But finally, we did actually eat at the same restaurant, and at the same time, at Giuseppe’s Italian Cafe upon a recommendation that it was voted the st restaurant in Williamsburg by the “locals.” Turns out it was pretty good after all. (Gotta love those locals!)

What I didn’t realize is that Alan’s wife, Rebecca must be a Higher-Up at Chick-Fil-A because she came with a goodie bag of Chick-Fil-A treats:


A calendar, flying disc, lanyard, carabeaner, Coke holder (which will hold Dew!) a window sticker and two stuff’s cows beggin’ you to eat Chicken! Most of these are destined for the Kidology Headquarters!


It was great to meet the whole family and get to know Alan and his wife and kids better! By the end both of our youngest were pretty much falling over asleep. (Well, I guess my oldest was too, since I only have one!) We could have talked much longer, and I’m sure we will again. These three kids were a delight to meet, and its always fun to meet fans of ToyBoxTales and hear what their favorites are and what questions they have about them and my novel. Thanks Allan for bringing the whole family on a long drive to enjoy some good food and fellowship. We had a great time!

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  1. Thank you so much Karl for your families time spent with my family. I had such a great time and I loved to see my kids interact with You. I so wish that we could have spent more time talking and getting to know each other better. After I got in my car I told my wife their were so many more things that I wanted to talk about, Isn’t it usually that way? I know we will get that time at some point and I will treasure that. I hope that you guy’s have a great, relaxing and refreshing time on the rest of your vacation!

  2. I understand the feeling of turning to our wives and talking about how much more we wished we could talk about once Karl is gone. I too was in the same boat.

    Good to hear Karl of your great adventures while around here. Thanks again for visiting each of us.

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