Luke Does the Elf Dance!

We dressed Luke up like an elf and took him outside to enjoy his first snow! AND WOW, DID HE TAKE TO IT! Watch this video, and be amazed!! I’m so glad I had grabbed the video camera! WHAT TALENT!


Click on comments for the secret to how I made this! BUT WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST! 

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  1. OK, here’s the secret. (I believe in givin’ credit where credit is due!)

    GO TO and you can make your own, even with multiple elves like this one from Krista.

    (the former krew kid that got married this year, that I blogged about here: )

  2. There must have been some magic in that green outfit that you found. Very funny, I enjoyed the Snow Dance by the “little man in the green suit.” When Luke grows up he will either admire his Dad’s creativity or hate these embarrassing moments that were broadcast to the world. I hope for Creativity, Barney

  3. Karl,

    I needed some laughter n joy and thought visiting your website would do the trick. Hopefully, we will see you family next weekend if I do not leave for Toronto next week.

    Give a hug to Sara and Luke,

    Art Barrett

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