Josiah and the Mysterious Child NOW AVAILABLE!

Forget the Golden Compass – Harry Potter – or boring familiar Christmas stories. Return to the high tech undercover world from the Order of the Ancient.


Josiah and the Mysterious Child is a short story that tells the Christmas Story in a fresh new engaging way. Our hero Brent is still living in a post-Christian world, but as a secret member of the undercover Remnant of believers. Struggling with how to share the Truth with his best friend, and wondering why December 25th, known as Gift Day, is such a big deal.

I wrote this story for parents to read with their kids, or for children’s pastors to give out to the kids at church. It includes some discussion questions at the end to help parents and teachers engage their children in discussing the significance of Christ.

Those who love the book and are buggin’ me for “Book 2” will enjoy returning the world of Brent and Amy and the Remnant – but you don’t need to have read the novel to enjoy this story.

ORDER TODAY! Only $5 for Kidology members, and only $10 for permission for unlimited reproduction within your church! SEND EVERY CHILD HOME WITH JOSIAH, AND THE MYSTERIOUS CHILD!

I look forward to hearing your feedback, either here in comments, or in the official Josiah and the Mysterious Child discussion on


I love the fact that from the very beginning this story starts with action and adventure even with the first chapter title “A Shadow.” There was a very readable progression in the story line and a very powerful plot being set up all the way through this short story. The Cliffhanger at the end was well I will just say the word WOW so that I don’t give it away. I as a father really appreciated the discussion questions. The great thing was that we all sat around our Christmas tree and really used the questions. This whole series of the Order of the Ancient has really been a catylast for brining my family even closer together.  – Alan Phillips

Loved loved loved it. I’m so glad I found this on a Wednesday, so I could get it into the hands of my die-hard OOTA kids tonight. Thanks, Karl! I think my kids would be happy to have short stories every few months if they can’t have another novel next summer. –  Donald Martin

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  1. Congratulations Karl, on another fine edition to children’s literature (and for adults too). I did read the advance copy in one sitting and very much enjoyed the experience. It held my interest. All of the twists and turns in the plot were not that predictable. You were able to weave the essence of the Christmas story into the story, which I liked the treatment. I am sure that many will enjoy this creative limited edition, especially those who have read volume one. Actually, you could continue these shorter stories as a collection of major holidays and events in the Christian calendar. They would be a lot easier to write, produce and sell. It would also cut the long distance of time waiting for the next large volume. Further, it would keep your followers involved more frequently. Plus, kids could stay tuned to the adventure. Then take the shorter stories and put them into a larger volume, bound. Just some thoughts to encourage you and the fine creative effort. I liked it. Barney

  2. Karl this is awsome I just ordered my copy.

  3. Warning Alan – if your kids have not finished the book, this short story will have some spoilers in it. Maybe have them finish it by Christmas, then they can read this! :)

  4. oops! too late. But it actually had the oposite affect and made them want to hurry up and read the rest. Because belive me they still have a lot of questions still to be answered. GREAT and POWERFUL short story every kid in my children’s ministry (all 387 of them) will recieve a copy this Christmas.

  5. Karl we gave out over 150 copies today. We have a three week turnaround on our attendance. So over the next two weeks we should give out about 400 copies, that’s my goal. I already had some kids today say that they wanted to order the novel, that is so cool.

    They asked to order STEAK, STEAK STEAK!!! YEAH!!!

  6. Yep! Another great addition to the OOTA story! A geart read! Thanks Karl!

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