Chuck Norris on Huck’s Team?

I was watching Republican Presidential Candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee’s speeches online after winnign Iowa and noticed the secret of his success staning behind him… could that be?


Could that be Chuck?


Did you know Chuck Norris is a presidential body guard?


He has served every president since George Washington.


(Except Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy, of course!)

Anyway, I’m happy that Mike won the primary – its cool that someone who spent 1/15th the money of others still won. I do find it interesting (and frustrating) that the news has to use the word “Christian” or “evangelical” or “religious” in every sentence as though they are bad words that are poison to a campaign. Ironically, they may actually be helping rather than hurting his campaign.

I haven’t chosen “my guy” yet, but I do like a lot of what Gov. Huckabee is saying. I love following politics – it is crazy the stuff that the media pulls when you know the truth and when you understand politics. But I won’t get into that her and now. But as the election gains pace, I’ll start getting political! You’ve been warned.


UP-DATE!!! It IS Chuck Norris standing behind Mike, NOT an look-a-like, here is the Chuck Norris Commercial Huckabee ran in Iowa:

and here is a long rambling explanation of why Chuck is backing Mike:

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