Brain Works Quiz

A little something for my friends who are still on PC…


Brain Works Free Download Test 

I’m cleaning out my home office (January tradition) and I came across my “brain results” that I printed out several years ago because it PEGGED me in both some positive and not-so-nice-to-read but TRUE aspects of my personality. I googled it and it’s still online, but it is PC only. (.exe file) But if you have a PC I think you will enjoy taking the quiz and I’m curious if you find the results as insightful as I did mine. HAVE FUN!

For a more serious personality test recently recommended to me check out It is not free, but very good.

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  1. I tried the Brain Works test. It is actually very perceptive. How do they do that? I felt like someone was looking over my shoulder. :) I did the uniquely you test years ago in school. As I recall it was spot on as well.

  2. Eerily (sp.) Accurate!

  3. the link is no longer working :( do you happen to know if they’ve “moved” that test to a new location?

  4. the links still works, i tested it. maybe the site was down. googling it will find it too.

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