An e-asy way to e-read the e-Bible!

 A friend just told me about a site that e-mails you your daily Bible reading for free, and says:

I want to share with you a web mail service I have been using over the past three years.  If you are like me I often go about my busy schedule and forget to have time to read the Bible every day.  A few years ago I found this really cool site that emails you daily readings of the Bible in various formats and versions.  I have been using it for the past three years and it really helps me to keep on track with my daily reading.  If you follow through on each day you can finish the Bible in the course of a year.

The website is:

You have the choice of several versions: King James, New King James, American Standard, New American Standard, World English Bible, New International, Conservative, Revised Standard.  You also can receive them in several methods: Start to finish, chronological, Alternating.

Best yet it is absolutely free, just sign up over the provided link.

As time goes on you can change your version and/or format each year and gain more insight through the scripture.

I hope you enjoy this and find it as useful as I have.

Scott Phillips

I’m gonna try it out!  Here is a screen shot:


Check it out at:

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  1. Looks good. I also found one that was created by

  2. Karl, This sounds great, I tried to sign up for this, but I could not do. How do you become a member? If you did this, share the procedure too. Barney

  3. Just go to the website and click on the big button that says “CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE”, it is in the top of the left column. There is a picture of a Bible on the button.

    It links to this link:

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