WIN a FREE What’s in the Bible Christmas Series!

fromPhilWant to win a FREE copy of What’s in the Bible’s Why Do We Call in Christmas?

I know you do. And not just because it’s free, but because anything created by Phil Vischer and his team you know is going to be fun, engaging, educational and pretty easy to use.

Let’s face it, Christmas is filled with a lot of fun, but confusing stuff! Cutting down trees, eggnog, hanging stockings, that Santa character, and more. Somewhere in the midst of it there is a Nativity Scene too.

This December, I highly recommend you take your kids on an adventure with Buck Denver* and the gang to explore the true meaning of Christmas like never before. What I love about What’s in the Bible is that it’s not just fun, but tackles stuff that many curricula ignore or overlook – deep stuff even – but does it in a way that captures kids eyes and hearts while engaging their minds.

buckchristmasThis 4 week series includes customizable lessons in addition to the great videos, helpful leader guides, printable games and activities, take home cards, and more.

And get this: Online access lets you lead from your iPad! How cool is that!?

Oh, wait – you want it FREE? Comment below and tell me your favorite character created by Phil Vischer and his creative team. It can be from What’s in the Bible or from VeggieTales. I’ll use to pick a winner soon! If you don’t win, you’ll still be a winner if you buy it, because your students will think you are amazing for teaching it this December! Make sure you are subscribed to the Kidology Newsletter to see the winner announced!

Don’t want to wait to find out who won? Just Order Today!

*Hey, his name is Denver, so you know it’s awesome!
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  2. Larry boy! Try number 3.

  3. My favorite character is Bob, but I loved Petunia in “Sweetpea Beauty”.

  4. hands down my fave WITB character is Buck Denver… and Junior Asparagus makes my heart sing. I still sing “God is bigger than the boogie man”. LOVE the “What’s in the Bible” videos! FANTASTIC

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