Luke’s Cake – Batteries Included

Luke is two. I keep asking him, “What did you do with my baby?” He is soooo big and turning into a mini boy. It seems like just yesterday….

O.K., snapping out of it, back to the present, and here we are with our little boy and his cake!


Anyway, for our little family party Sara made an awesome birthday cake. (Remember her Super Bowl cake last year?) Let me show you just how AWESOME the cake was this year!


Luke LOVES cars! He points to every one he sees, even when we are out driving. And he must always have one with him at all times.


The center of our home is now a “Car Table” where he spends hours rolling them around.


So Sara made a cake perfect for a little car loving boy!


Complete with cars around all sides!


But what is that up on top? It’s a race track with cars racing around!

Check out this video to Sara’s awesome cake in action:




We love our little boy! He is our wish come true!

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  1. Happy Birthday Lukey!! Aunt Meepa loves you and can’t believe what a BIG boy you are.

  2. Sara is unbelievable! Man you are blessed! Shelly
    p.s. please tell her Shelly likes chocolate cake! Ha!

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