Now THAT is a pile of snow!

I was up in Wisconsin on Saturday speaking at the INSIDE-OUT Elmbrook Children’s Ministry Conference, and could not believe what I saw when I arrived: (click any picture for a larger view)


Yes, they had construction machinery moving the snow. MAN, was I jealous, that looked like so much fun!


That is some serious snow removal! They take all the snow and put it in one corner next to a retention pond. By the end of the day, the pile was HUGE!


I was told that their snow pile last into July! I just HAD to see the view from up there! It was a lot bigger than it looks in these pictures, and teens were snow boarding down the other side!


Why did I climb the mountain of snow, with a cane and a sprained ankle?


Because it was there!

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One Comment:

  1. A cane and sprained ankle?
    Now how did that happen? Hope you’re ok and healing fast.

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