Today I discovered the coolest website! I’ve been trying out Twitter for a few days when Kidology’s “Web Guy,” aka Tannerman posted on his Tweeter that you could watch the Shuttle in space LIVE at I clicked over and discovered an amazing site. It looks like this:


(Click image for full size view)

There are several pages of live cameras you can click on and watch.There are the old familar (boring) webcams of highways, etc., but there are also live cameras of newscasts, but you get to see when they are “off the air” – even saw a news gal fixing her hair, doing the news blurb and then asking someone off camera how she did. The change from when she was “on” and then off the air was fascinating. Real people!

My favorite was watching the space shuttle as it did a full rotation as it passed over Australia so that the space station (where the camera was) could take photos of the entire exterior of the space craft for analysis. Then I watched it dock to the International Space Station! Pretty amazing stuff to watch live on your computer while working!

There is a moderator at times in the small screen in the upper right hand corner. At the time, a young lady named Kat Bockli was online. You can hear her feverishly typing away and then from time to she gives an update or a tip on something interesting on one of the many channels. A funeral for a fallen fireman, a school lock down due to a hostage situation, a multiple car crash as seen by helicopter. None of these got me to switch off of NASA2, but then she reported that there was a bomb threat at a church and the bomb squad was sending in a robot and you could watch it live! This was too much excitement when I was supposed to be working!

Periodically Kat asks her viewers to e-mail her with any questions, suggestions, feedback, or just to say hello. I figured the only way I could know FOR SURE that this was indeed live was to e-mail her and ask her to say hi. I sent this:


and within ONE MINUTE this was her response:


Pretty cool, huh? So jump over and check out: Thanks to Steve for Twittin’ me the URL. He said he’s been following the site for awhile; guess I missed the discussion on his forum about it: LIVE NEWS CAMERAS. Steve is always the first to know about everything.

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  1. This is cool and Steve really is Da’ man.

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