As promised yesterday , below is an exclusive SNEEK PEEK video from the next Kidology Online Training Leadership Lab: Partnering with Parents .

RIGHT NOW THIS IS ONLY HERE ON MY BLOG – as a parting gift before I go completely cold turkey offline for a week, I wanted to give you a little something to hold you over. (Oh how will you survive without my blog? )

This will not be live on until next week some time! So enjoy this Advance Screening via a TOP SECRET YouTube link before it’s official release next week on Kidology!


This is the introductory video that is part of the most JAM-packed Leadership Lab yet! This lab is the culmination of several years of work and includes exclusive content never-before-published that I’ve been being asked to release since 2005, ever since it was hinted at in the Kidology forum. I have finally provided detailed background, description, explanation, samples and more on the VIP Family Ministry philosophy that I pioneered at my previous church. But that’s not all.



  • 36 Page Leader Lab PDF – This is the core content of the Online Training.
  • 52 Slide PowerPoint for Parent Partnering Forum / Training
  • 7 Video files!
    • Introductory Video “Best Buds Inc.” (seen above)
    • 8 minute YouTube version; 450×338; 22mb
    • 8 minute YouTube version; 320×240; 16mb
    • 12 minute extended version; 640×480; 49mb
  • Leadership Lab Training Video (Download of the online training video)
    • 19 minute training video; 640×480; 81mb
    • 19 minute training video; 450×338; 42mb
    • 19 minutes training video; 320×240; 22mb (iPod)
  • BONUS: To Be Educated video included (Usually $4 in Kidology Store)
    • 3 minute video; 640×480; 8mb (view on my blog )
    • Includes text of the video for making your own


  • 32 Page Faith-Full Families Sessions (3 separate programs for the entire family!) These interactive sessions for the whole family will help them incorporate their faith into daily life. (Provided in PDF and Word so you can customize)
  • Raising Kids to Stand Strong Sermon by Karl Bastian MP3; 40 min.; 46mb
  • Raising Kids to Stand Strong Sermon Notes so you can use the message
  • 2 Page PDF Sample VIP Family Ministry Brochure
  • 2 Page PDF of VIP Family Ministry Christmas Idea

I will be at Yosemite Summit when this goes live on Kidology and, since I won’t be blogging for a week, I am also having my blog software upgraded while I’m away. When the Lab is live and this blog is accessible, my all powerful web director, aka Tannerman, will make the link below to the brand new Lab live. But you can also just check out the home page of or the Kidology Online Training area. [UPDATE: Tannerman has made it live!]

NOW AVAILABLE: Kidology Leadership Lab: Partnering with Parents!

Well, this is it. I’m signing off FOR A WEEK! Be back online when I am home from Yosemite! Hopefully I won’t have tooooo many e-mails stacking up while I’m offline!


Update from Tannerman:

Pssst… you can get the Leadership Lab Download Kit at a special discount. $5 off the regular price… That’s only $34.99 for Kidology members!
Coupon Code: LL4BL
Expires 5/31 at midnight (CDT)

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One Comment:

  1. Looks good, I will be waiting for it to come out on Kidology. I think I am reading correctly that it will come out before you get back from your trip due to wonderful Steve. I do hope that is correct, if not I will anxiously be waiting for it to come out when you get back.

    Hope you have a great trip and that God meets you and everyone you are going with in the ways in which you are looking for.

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