Kidologist Goes OFFLINE?!?!

Could it be?!?! The man once nicknamed “Pastor Gadget” going OFF LINE for an ENTIRE WEEK!?! YES! The rumors are true! I’ve got my MacBook Air, iPhone, GPS, digital camera, video camera, and a power strip to charge them all at night… so I think I’m good to go, but once I hit Yosemite the laptop will only be used for downloading pictures at the end of the day. NO E-MAIL, NO INTERNET, NO WORK, NO NOTHING! I soon will be basking in God’s Amazing Creation in one of the most spectacular places on the face of the earth far away from all of my normal responsibilities and duties. Yahoo! (And that isn’t a reference to a website!)

As I write this I am sitting on the floor at O’hare International Airport waiting board a flight to Sacramento, California on my way to join eight other guys on an Adventure known as Yosemite Summit.


What began as a challenge during a sermon in the fall of 2006 and grew into a conviction in the winter of 2007 and then calling by summer 2007 is now coming to a climax here in the spring of 2008!

God has brought together NINE MEN for the purpose to detaching from ministry to reconnect with God. Men, especially those of us in ministry, have a tendency to make ministry the substance of our spiritual walk when it is US God wants, not what we can DO for Him. For these few days we will cease from DOING and seek to simply BE in the presence of God so that He might do a work in us that He often can’t do when we are so busy doing.

For those of you who could not come to Yosemite Summit, let me challenge you to intentionally plan some TIME AWAY to connect with God. I’ve been so encouraged to hear from those who Yosemite Summit has inspired to plan retreats away with friends for the same purpose. Let me applaud those and say to the rest of you – what are you waiting for? Life is too short… and you DO have time for something like this, because you MAKE time for something like this. (You’ll never “have time” for it in the normal sense of the phrase.)

WELL, the flight leaves soon! I’m going a day early for food shopping and prep, so I’ve got 24 more hours of electricity and Internet! Before I go completely offline, I’ll have a very special surprise to post tomorrow and something else that goes lives on while I’m gone… curious? You’ll just have to check back and find out what it is!


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  1. Congratulations Karl, It is finally here. I will be praying that your “Time Out” will be a special time, not only for you, but all the guys that join you. I have been taking regular retreats now for the last several years and wished that I had done it earlier in my ministry. This is a great ministry, learning the discipline of time alone with God. Yes, Yosemite is a special place and you are going at a great time to enjoy the beauty. I have been there several times and have enjoyed it every time. So, have a great adventure there, like many others, I wish I could have come too.

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